The Bully at the Potter’s Wheel

By now you must have put two and two together and concluded that Potter’s Wheel is the name I use to refer the Pottery studio I learn pottery at. (It is not the actual name.)

There I was, fresh out of the cab, going into the studio, when I saw him….

He looked really well-fed, dark and with shining eyes, waiting at the studio portico for unsuspecting innocent people like the tame little QB!

I walked past him, trying to look breezy and cool. I thought I survived, but no! He followed me to the door.

I looked over my shoulder as I typed in , the security code to open the door. (He was neither tall nor trained for that!)

I opened the door after the beep and shut the door fast, behind my back.

I turned back to look at his face.

There he was glaring me from behind the glass door.

‘I have an enemy on my hands’, I told myself. That didn’t help any!

I took out my clay bag, started kneading the clay into manageable balls, preparing it for the use, set up my bucket of water in front of me, before throwing the clay onto my wheel. (Using balls of clay and putting them on the wheel to make pottery is called throwing!)

Then I remembered I had clay articles to be fired. (Firing the clay articles is called Bisque firing)

That was when I saw that he had entered the studio. Someone must have let him in! (these ladies!!)

I took my pieces on a tray and I started for the firing chamber. He caught up with me..

I took three batches of my articles into the firing chamber and he followed me all the time.

‘Meow!’, he said at last. I turned back to look at him.

‘Meow’, he said again, before ditching me for new entrants. The new people gave him a good rub on his back.

He looked happy and satisfied. He got all the attention he needed.

‘Thank God’, I sighed.

So much for the attention seeking Potter’s Wheel bully!


  1. Though I love all kinds of animals, I run away from any physical contacts. So the cat couldn’t get what he wanted from me, the older ladies in the studio made up for what I lack.