Some questions answered

Every blogger waits for a few kind words.(Comments at the end of each post act like tonic to us). But when a fellow blogger nominates you for an award,how will you feel?

Fellow Wrimo-er and blogger Prachi Percy Sharma who blogs at nominated me for the Leibster Award.

More than the award I am happy to be nominated,which is done in goodwill and I get to answer bundles of questions and finally,feel like a celeb!

Her questions and my answers…read ahead…

1.What is the ultimate aim of blogging or writing?

 The ultimate aim of blogging is to make a place for myself in the vast net-ocean and be loved.(and also to have a space which is my own to dump my rants and thoughts..!)


2.What is the story behind your blog name?

When i have something to say I generally end up following my audience(read mom,sis and dad!) and by talking continuously I demand attention. Its almost like a bee buzzing endlessly. Since i am a lazy bone like a Queen Bee..i write here with the alias of Queen Bee.


3.What’s your favorite genre- science fiction, fantasy, romance, comedy, crime…?

 I love turners. I read any good novel,either fantasy,comedy or romance or murder mystery. The only genres that i have not read are Sci-fi and horror.(I have no secret places to hide,when scared,so i never try horror!)


4.Who is your favorite author?

  Enid Blyton managed to make me crave for adventures (and a pet dog too!). Agatha Cristie is my absolute favourite along with Erley Stanley Gardener. Love you three!(can’t choose one ,see?)


5.Which writers inspire you?

 I want to write as successful stories as Agatha’s,as adventurous as Enid Blyton’s, as world wide hits as J.K.Rowling’s and as revered as Leo Tolstoy’s.(This folks is classic example of wishful thinking and rose-tinted glasses have upon me!)


6.In what genre are your books/stories/unpublished manuscripts?

 Mostly everyday stories,general fiction. I want to try my hand at writing romance and fantasy. Come November!


7.When did you decide to become a writer?

 I never decided. It just happened that i found spare pens,books and some time and rest is history..


8.Who is that one writer you would absolutely want to emulate in your writings?

 I want to make people laugh as much as Rowling, if not,at the very least, to make them nod their heads in agreement to what all I write!


9. Apart from writing, what are your other interests?

I love sketching,doodling, drawing cartoons, playing games in my cell (till the battery goes dead!), reading books,shopping and if time permits writing my blog.


10. Do you have a playlist of songs you like to listen to while writing?

  Nope. I am so dull. I croon my own tunes or whistle at high octaves,but playing songs is sinful.(I hate disturbing neighbours…!)


11. Do you believe that consumption of caffeine boosts creativity?

  The only drink I take is green tea and it is neither here nor there.