Mt. Soma – The Sun changes everything!


After the weekend plan went down the drain (read here and here about it), we planned to spend the sunday in a more fruitful way by going to the Someswara temple at Mount Soma. We had been planning to go there for quite a long time, but somehow, the plan never fell in place.

On Saturday night we checked the weather at Mt. Soma and according to the weather reports, it was going to be just ‘cloudy’ !

That was how we started our 2 hr long trip to the temple.


Temple premises

The beautiful mountains , the sleepy villages leading to the temple and the magnificent trees on both sides were a pleasant sight. I wondered if any one can be so lucky as to stay in a mountainous region with the slow pace of life away from the city lights, traffic and the fast lives!

I also understood how easy it is to stop talking and just forget yourself looking around you, at places like these.

The winding roads leading to the temple somehow reminded me of the rich bungalows in all the murder mysteries where crimes were committed.( God, am I looking at everything with a ‘murder’ tinted glasses! I hope not)

We reached the top by 12:00 and the temple would be open only till 1:00 in the afternoon.

We parked the car, climbed two flights of stairs to reach the Garba Gudi.

The temple and the location, though was not completely similar, reminded me of Sravana Belagola.

We waited for a brief instance at the last flight, to remove our footwear and enter the temple premises after washing our feet.

There was the priest sitting in the centre, performing puja to the Shiva Lingam,Lord Someswara and a white couple following him and his gestures carefully. The other desi folk sang a bhajan at the end. We got dry fruits as Prasadam. (I loved the brass Ganesh idol in the temple.)

The priest was a Telugu speaking person so we talked a bit , took his blessings and our next photo session was at the Hanuman Moorthi.


Jai Hanuman

As is usually the case, devotees coming to the temples don’t eat before the Darshan. So there is also a canteen managed by local white people. There was dal, coconut rice and curd. For $5, that was our lunch.

Shiva Lingam and Nandi

This Shiva Lingam and Nandi are just outside the canteen door which opens on the left side.

Once outside the canteen, we spent the remaining time admiring the beauty of the mountains and also took a few pictures of the beginning phase of fall colours.

I was all eyes and ears trying to see everything and hear everything. I saw wild mushrooms, insects, berries, coloured leaves and what not.

Check out the pictures.

                                                                      Fall colour phase begins

Fall colour phase begins!

Want to see more colour on trees?

More colour on the trees

Wild berries add colour to the trees.

What can make a boring tree interesting? A colourful creeper that is!

The colourful creeper!

The creeper adds colour to a tree trunk and how!

The tiny flower

A tiny flower can add to the beauty of the grass.

Wouldn’t you visit temples more, if the scenic beauty is of this level?

Temple canteen view

The view from the temple canteen.

Scenic beauty

Another pic to decide if what I said was correct

We took loads and loads of pictures. Thanks to the selfie-stick.

Sometimes I wonder what people did before selfies were invented!


We took most of our pics with the selfie stick and I can safely say that the most useful thing we have bought in 2015 is the selfie stick!

Sun changes the plans

Green Mountains with the Sun on our heads

With such beauty captivating our minds and hearts and the weather taking an ‘about-turn’ from cloudy to sunny, we decided to go and visit the Great Smoky Mountains.

We wrapped up our photo session to jump in the car at high speed not to miss a minute.  (It was an hour drive from Mt.Soma to Smokies. We wanted to spend atleast an hour or two admiring the beauty so we didn’t waste a minute) 😉

Smoky Mountains, here we come!


  1. Have you changed your travel plans in a jiffy, like we did? If so, when and where?
  2. I have started taking pottery classes and I found out that I love it. More details on the pottery class soon. Cheerio.