The birthday party

Being the youngest in the family I have always enjoyed some privileges. I could get away with tall orders, many a times! (Not that I demanded the Sun and the Moon; but I was no less).Let me clarify that I was in no way pampered or spoilt! 😛

One fine day, which happened to be my birthday, I demanded my mom to throw a party for my friends in school. (I was a sweet kid of six then)

My mom conceded. Little did she know what was in store. I promised her I would invite my friends before returning home from school.

I don’t remember if I was much popular in school or not, but that day many kids whom I didn’t even talk to, on a daily basis had come to wish me. (QB popular in school? Naah, just the magic of birthday!)

That day, when I went to school, many kids wished me a happy birthday and I was too good a child to ignore their wishes. I ended inviting all those who had wished me!


Me-with my birthday baby glow!!


All the faceless stick figures are my fellow kiddos,some known to me,some unknown. Hence faceless!

That evening after I returned home from school, mom had been ready with all the arrangements in place.

As she was getting me ready for my party, I told her I would demand the guests to give me the gifts first, lest they should forget giving them to me!

My mom had a hearty laugh and warned me to not even mention gifts and as my readers will see, I didn’t mention gifts at all!(Didn’t I tell you before, that I was a good kid?)

That day, we had a huge turnout of guests.

The cake, the sweets, everything had evaporated in thin air, within minutes, with the steady flow of guests.

My dad had to run off to a near-by shop to get biscuits and other stuff as the expected guest list was very small compared to the guests who finally arrived at my door-step!

Every nook and corner of our house, even the steps in front of my house were filled up with kids whom I didn’t even see once!

Turns out I called every boy and girl in my class(I defended my case,as i saw unknown kids at party that evening,that they must be gate-crashers!). Since we were all six year olds, all the kids had brought either his/her siblings along as a guide!

How was the party at the end? I couldn’t get a second – helping of all those delicious gulab jamuns that mom had prepared! Baaahh!


  1. Don’t let your kid invite her friends. If she is like me, she may invite everyone, out of courtesy just because they are within the ear-shot!
  2. Always remember that kids that age may bring their elder brother, sisters or parents also and keep enough eatables in store.
  3. Don’t expect gifts! (All the gifts I received that day were Natraj Pencils! Epic!)

The pencil is drawn in a bigger size,so that people can see what it is!

4. This post is in no way marketing natraj pencils!