In the Universal Studios – Part 3

Day 3:

As usual we got ready by 8, had bagels for breakfast in the Starbucks Coffee shop inside our resort. (We had breakfast and dinner at the resort itself as much as possible, because there were many counters with varieties of food available.) We bought a couple of bananas as well, for our snack in between our rides, incase we felt very hungry.

On the first day, we had a bag with us for putting our stuff like camera, cells, water bottle, ponchos and sunscreen. But we soon found out that it was such a pain to carry it everywhere. As we became wiser,on the third day, we left even our DSLR inside the hotel room. We took most of our pics with iphone and selfie stick.

This was our final day at the park and we had a 6 o’clock flight in the evening.

Since it was the July 4th, the park was practically empty and we could directly go to the rides without any lines. In fact, as we went for our first ride, there were only 4 of us in the line. Two girls in front of us , Mr.Bee and me!

Near almost all the rides, there were lockers outside to keep our backpacks or cell phones inside. If we returned before 45 minutes, the lockers were free. After 45 minutes, we have to pay for the lockers by the hour. We could avoid paying for most of the lockers because of our Express pass, but had to pay at one locker, because even though we were on time, there was a huge rush of people stuffing the lockers or emptying them.

Our first ride for the day was The Revenge of the Mummy!

The way leading to the ride looks like we are walking inside a Pyramid, with only little light from the lantern. It was a bit scary. (The sound in the background doesn’t help us any! It kept giving me the shivers and at one point Mr.Bee scared me by jumping suddenly as if he saw a ghost, only to piss me off!)

I should say, whoever built these rides, didn’t do it in a hurry or without a plan. They are just awesome.

As we proceeded into the ride, the one of the ride operators said that, we are taking a dangerous ride and we may not return! 😉

Revenge of the Mummy ride- from the net

Revenge of the Mummy ride – from the net

Anyway, the Mummy ride was the best ride of the day and my favourite of all, even though it scared me a lot. This ride had real fire instead of just some simulations. The vehicle we sit on is taken forward at a full speed, then suddenly taken backwards, then the ceiling suddenly erupts into fire, with the Mummy screaming and shouting at us for coming there! We see lots of mummies everywhere, cornering us, I saw the mummy from the movie and before we freak out more, we are brought out from the drama , back to the entrance, onto the platform where we can get down. Phew!

And lastly,there was a video message from my favourite hero, Brendon Fraser! 😛 (I lovvved the Mummy ride, even though it freaked me out and I was sitting in the front seat!)

We then went into the King Kong ride. From the day one, we had been trying to get inside the ride, but we couldn’t. It would be open in the early morning and by the time we wanted to ride it, the ride would have stopped because of technical snags.

We would check for the ride every day and at last, we decided we will try on the last day and if it was still closed because of issues, we would forget about it and go home.

On third day, we found that the King Kong ride was open. (Yay!)

We then wasted more than an hour in the line for the King Kong ride. Express Pass doesn’t work in this ride. I think all the people in the park wanted to ride this one, because of the rush near the ride. All the other rides were completely empty!

The way leading to the ride was more scary than the ride itself!

King Kong ride - taken from net

King Kong ride – taken from net

Once we enter the King Kong ride, I was mesmerized by the attention to detail. Even the rails separating the people standing in line for the ride, were in sync with the decor of the Skull Island. The rails were bound together by hair!

We also saw a live figurine of a tribal man, who was continuously talking and moving his hands, staring into our eyes and kept increasing and decreasing the pitch of his voice.(It looked like he was telling us something very important and we are unable to understand it!) It was a bit creepy experience for me. Because his eyes seem to follow us everywhere!

Live figurine of a tribal man inside the Skull Island.

Live figurine of a tribal man inside the Skull Island.

The King Kong ride was 4 – D simulation and by now, I had seen many 4- D simulations and after the hype and the wait, this ride was more disappointing. I felt like, ‘So whats new in this?’, because we see the fight between the King Kong and the T-Rex, just like the fight sequence in the King Kong movie.

Since the 4- D simulation is done one a bus, which is very big in size with almost 50 people inside, it didn’t feel scary, because I was surrounded on all sides with people. 😀

After the King Kong, we went to the Jurassic Park River Adventure again. This is the only other ride that I have taken twice. Though the drop at the end of the ride was very scary, I was still tempted to try it a second time.(Like I told in the first Universal post, i kicked an old gentleman during the fall, because I got scared!) Since I don’t have any pics from this ride and for the sake of my readers, I searched for videos and this one below is borrowed from Youtube. Check it out.

For a brief moment, we went in the Velociraptor Encounter. The guy inside the raptor got too excited to scare me, so he acted as if he would bite my head off and scared me, successfully!

The Velociraptor scares me, by trying to bite my head off!

The Velociraptor scares me, by trying to bite my head off!

We then went to try out another Jurassic Park ride, the Pteranodon Flyers, but sadly, that can be done only if we accompany a kid. So , it was a no go.

As we were done with almost all the rides,except two, we wanted to return to our hotel and pick up our luggage , have lunch before heading to the airport.

By the time we reached the center point of the Universal Studios, we saw people dressed up as the star cast from Despicable Me and we were tempted to see their performance. We saw Gru, his daughters, some minions.

My favourite pic of all, Mr.Bee and me, with Gru.

My favourite pic of all, Mr.Bee and me, with Gru.

With one last look into the Diagon Alley, (Yes, we are THAT crazy about Harry Potter and his magical world!) Mr.Bee and I left the Universal Studios, me with some terrifying – turned – LOL- memories and happy experiences, Mr.Bee with fun filled heart and a hole in his pocket!

Last pic in the Diagon Alley, with Nosebleed Nougats and Puking Pastilles.

Last pic in the Diagon Alley, with Nosebleed Nougats and Puking Pastilles.


1. There is also a store with Marvel merchandise. I even found comic strip characters like Beetle, car from the movie – Back to Future,

2. We wanted to try out every ride, so we took an Express Pass to pass through the lines and we didn’t visit the Disneyland. Express Pass is not applicable to some rides, like the King Kong ride for one.

3. By the end of all the rides, I began to get used to roller coasters( both below ground and above ground) and 4- D simulations. The Gringotts, the Revenge of the Mummy are underground roller coasters.

4. After coming out of Universal at 2:00, we returned to hotel, picked up the luggage and headed straight to the airport. A very fun filled holiday had come to an end at last.

5. Most of the pics were taken by us and some are from search engines. We take credit for only the pics with our watermark.