Sleepless in Slumberland!

Ever had any problems getting back to sleep? Are you one of those night owls who stays awake well into the night?

Well, I am not! I am an ‘early sleep and early rise’ kind of a person. So when things don’t go my way, I am left with red eyes and look terrible and have a very lousy mood!

Sleep is very precious to me.

No wonder gollum looks terrible, he is sleep deprived!

There is one incident that shows my sleep pattern from my early childhood.

One particular night, when I was a mere 2 year old kiddo, with chubbiest cheeks and a tiny mouth, my mom had promised me a sweet puri.

Before I go into that, let me tell you about sweet puri. It is a regular puri made out of maida or wheat flour on top of which sugar is sprinkled right after it is deep fried. This sweet puri has always been my particular favourite.

While mom was busy toiling in the kitchen, I sat behind her on a chair waiting for my prize, the sweet puri. By the time she handed the puri to me and I took a single bite, I fell asleep with the half eaten puri in one hand!

Not even my favourite sweet puri can keep me awake!

Even my most favourite food couldn’t keep me awake!

Then came the time in my schooling days when I would eat my dinner with closed eyes, because I didn’t like losing my sleep! (True story!)

Even when my subjects in the Engineering began to command more than a one-day batting kind of study, I would sleep by 9. I found it the hard way that waiting till midnight or waking up very early in the morning was completely useless for me, because, I would end up dozing off instead of studying and would feel sleepy the whole day.

Then came the time when I got a corporate job which made me toil for hours infront of the computer as it was a very new subject for me. Civil Engineer writing code in various software languages! (Sorry guys, but I really hated the software job)
Since this coding was new to me, I had to put in extra hours of work and even then, I never tried to work at late into night. My sleep was precious to me.

Then came the time when Mr.Bee would sit late into nights, working or studying for his MBA. Even then, I slept like the Sleeping Beauty herself.

So why all the fuss?

Well, now that Baby Bee is in the picture, I hardly get any sleep!

I try to sleep and he begins to cry. He needs constant attention. Not that I complain. It is another story of how I feel about him. (Waking at unearthly hours doesn’t anger me. If it was someone else, I would have strangled them for waking me, Baby Bee is an exception.)

Now that I can’t sleep like I want to, I began to value my sleep even more.

Suddenly, I have also begun to respect all those new mothers who toil for their babies. All the fathers, grandparents and family, who lose their sleep for the new arrivals in the families have new found respect in my eyes. I also have immense respect for the new mothers who have two or more babies. RESPECT.

Come to think of it, now that the Baby Bee is sleeping, maybe it is time for me to take a quick nap! What do you say?


1. Earlier, 10 p.m was my time to hit the sack. But now, I can’t sleep even if it is 12 p.m, because I keep wondering if Baby Bee will wake up!

2. The more I try not to sleep, the more blood shot my eyes can get!

3. I named the post after Sleepless in Seattle. I love most of Tom Hanks movies, even Sully.

4. I have been trying to post this from past two days, but the power cut seems to happen just when I start blogging. Power cut kills the wifi…!

5. By the way, I like sugar in crystallized form , like we get in India. In US, sugar is sold as a fine powder just like salt and that robbed all the fun out of it for me. So, if you want to try the sweet puri, use crystallized sugar. Cheerio!