The detour to Panchamukhi – part 2

This post is the extension of the earlier one, Detour to Panchamukhi.Chandrasena, in a bid to learn the secret about how to kill Mahiravana, agrees to marry him and makes him reveal the secret.Five carpenter bees, have each a portion of Mahiravana’s life and on killing the bees Mahiravana would die in no time,but there is a catch!(yes,yes,how can this be so simple?Having five friends kill the bees with a sandal each would have been enough!Is this what you thought?)All the carpenter bees have to be killed at the same time but each morning all the five of them go out in separate directions and only reach their nest at night.On the top of the cave,which is the entrance to the Pathala Lanka,is the nest. And let me add this dearies,at night, the powers of Rakshas increase by leaps and bounds. So, the carpenter bees have to be killed as soon as they return at a time,or else,their power increases,since they carry the soul of a rakshas. ( many conditions to kill.)

Carpenter Bee

The carpenter bees look like this,but much bigger and noisier in this case and they can drive people nuts with their noise.

Anjaneya could have easily sneaked Rama and Lakshmana but He decides that it is best to kill Mahiravana once and for all,as he is a powerful threat and mystical at that! (Chandrasena also had to be rescued since she had already helped Anjaneya.)

A violent fight starts between Mahiravana and Anjaneya,where both increase their size to fight each other.Since Mahiravana believed no one knew his secret he had been brave till then. But Anjaneya brings Mahiravana to the top of the cave near the nest of the carpenter bees and Mahiravana begins to fear, that the worst is to come!

Anjaneya is clueless as how to kill all the five at a time. He calls his father,Pavana Deva,who suggests Anjaneya to pray to Sri Rama,the saviour. Anjaneya then meditates, just as the 4 bees return from four directions and one bee descends from the top of the nest,with the power of his devotion to Sri Rama, Anjaneya then becomes Panchamukha Anjaneya,with his own face in the centre. Panchamukha Anjaneya ,then swallows all the bees at a time using all the five mouths,thus killing Mahiravana.


At the time of the transition of Anjaneya to Panchamukha Anjaneya,it is believed that Gods from the skies watched the spectacle from above and blessed Anjaneya by showering Him with petals of flowers.

Finally,Rama,Lakshmana and Chandrasena are saved.

There is also a special place for Anjaneya swamy’s sandals in the temple. He is believed to use them daily on His visits,as the footwear show wear and tear.(pic below shows the footwear. Every year new pair is made replacing the old ones. The older footwear are stored in another room.)


Also in the premises, there is another temple of Erukulamba,the deity of Pathala Lanka.

There are also small stalls for knicks and knacks and tiffin centres. I bought a key chain and ate chur-muri.


1. In the temple premise there is a monkey which is a regular visitor there and never harms anyone. (They say all the major Anjaneya Swamy temples are visited by at least one monkey!)

Image06172. The gada (club in english) said to have been used by Anjaneya.

3. The deity here is believed to be very powerful and He was the one who advised Mantralaya Raghavendra Swamy to build a sajeeva samadhi for himself at Mantralayam.
4. Some devotees have claimed in the past and even now in the present that they have seen a Monkey Man near the temple at night. How much of this is true and how much of this you believe, I leave it to my readers to decide.