The Rangoli Session

For the Queen Bee cartoon of the week , I have here a cartoon of the recent festival, where I was busy with  rangoli and colouring it.

Check it out…

As I am not proficient in rangoli, I came up with simple ones, while the elaborate ones done by my sis were filled up with colours by me. Since she came up with the tough designs, I had no problem colouring them as per her choice of colours.

rangoli-getting instructions

While my sis gave me instructions of how to go about rangoli, i was busy mixing colours.

And then..I had this sudden urge to mix colours to come up with new colour. (I do it each year without fail. This colour mixing session is therapeutic, to say the least!)

rangoli - Colour mixing  therapeutic session

Colour mixing therapeutic session

And then finally…(Itni khushi..coming up with a colour!)

rangoli -  new colour show off

New colour ,calls for new rangoli and a bit showoff!

I came up with a colour which looked so similar to cement and then i decided to go for a rangoli design which had loads of elephants in it so that I could use the colour. (Sadly I found no such rangoli in my book, so ended up filling a swan with it! ) Yup, I changed its concentration to look more like black.

Finally, I showed off the new colour to mom and dad and that was how I ended the rangoli session!


1. Next time you people try to colouring the rangoli, take out some time to mix and prepare a new colour. Who knows you may end up liking it just like me!

2. Till the next post, bubyee!