Igloo it is..!

The alphabet for today is : I
Another one of my many childhood fantasies was living in an Igloo.
The dome shaped small structure with a tunnel like entrance had caught my fancy early-on. (Fortunately or unfortunately, I never got the chance to live in an igloo till now. May be I should continue fantasizing!)Living in a Tropical country like India has its own drawbacks..!
Innovative constructions have always interested me.
The igloo in picture shows us that it is made up of snow blocks. The rectangle snow blocks are placed in a circle at the lower most level. As the construction proceeds, the second row bricks are placed such that the circle of snow blocks tapers upwards. Finally at the top a ‘capstone’ is placed to form a dome.
(I think a pyramid is also constructed in a similar way.)
Snow is a natural insulator and any gaps between the blocks are filled up with loose snow, which is plastered both from inside and outside of the igloo.
The tunnel forming the entrance seems too small for people, but it actually hides a small pit at the entrance to give more room for the people to enter it.
1. A small igloo looks more like a doll-house than a place to live in!
2. The sleeping area inside the igloo should be slightly above the entrance, because warm air settles at the top.
3. Ventilation holes are a must or else people may die of suffocation. One inch holes are more than enough. Or a small ventilation window can be left open at the top just below the capstone.
4. Did you ever dream about staying in an Igloo? Did you have any childhood fantasies?