In the meantime,Stalking!

So what am i doing when i am not learning to cook, cleaning utensils or stalking my husband on his way to office?


Me stalking Mr.Bee! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Learning the nuances of being a house wife! (Gawddd, it is more tiresome than going to office)

I had immense pleasure stalking Mr.Bee on his way to office, as i had nothing to do. His office is very near to home and that made me stalk him more! (of course he knew i was coming withย him, don’t think i am a creepy wife! Yewwww!) o_O

I have had time to test my amateur interior designing skills when setting up the new home.(How i fared in it is any one’s guess)

I have been giving the huge flower vase in the hall, a very tough competition in who will sit stillย at a place for most time! (I was beaten by the vase as i had to get up in between for my nature calls and also, my hunger pangs!)

I have been sitting and burning down the sofa by my shear power to sit at a place to watch Netflix on the playstation.I have watched Naruto, Friends and loads of movies and the only movement in my body was the blinking of my eyes!

Some days when i don’t feel like watching t.v. , i divert my attention to cleaning and cooking! No joke.

But the most I enjoy each day is in the evenings, when Mr.Bee is home from work. ๐Ÿ˜€ (He doesn’t mind taking me out daily, even after a hectic day of work. Brownie points for that.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

After a week i began taking afternoon walks in the hot Charlotte summer Sun, but i had recurring headaches because of the heat. Down went my ‘afternoon walks’. (This was all during the time my blog was down)

Then…..Goddess of Luck blessed me and I came to know about ‘The Taste Of Charlotte’.

What is that?

Wait for the next post people…Buhuhahaha!! (Yes, I am wicked!)

๐Ÿ˜› ย ๐Ÿ˜‰


1. Time for statutory warning! Do not try stalking. It is to be done by experts(meaning me!) and children should do it under adult supervision! :P(And also needs a victim who doesn’t mind harmless stalkers, in my case Mr. Bee enjoys all the attention, so stalking is fun!)

2. I have been experimenting with cooking lately and i will be posting more and more photos of the same here. You people should see how happy my mom is as i am working like a donkey learning to cook! ย (And wait, Mr.Bee cooks well. So i am trying to beat him at his own game. Don’t tell this little secret to him!)

3. Pic Courtesy: QueenBee. ย (The feet in the picture are of me and Mr.Bee, no extra credits for guessing that)

4. If you haven’t read the other posts from The Charlotte Chapters, read them here and here. All the posts give the gradual transition of my thoughts.