Restless on weekend!

The QB cartoon of the week is here!

The weekend had been very confusing. I didn’t know how to utilize my time effectively.

Started to read a book,then proceeded to draw sketch before putting it aside to continue cleaning my shelf. Lastly…and predictably i ended up sitting in front of the T.V. watching my favourite comedy show!

Reading a book, nahh, sketching!

After finding colourful books, i decided to read a book, but then…i remembered the sketch that was left half done!

Clearing the shelf -  Clean and Clear drive!

Sketching can wait. I want to clean and clear the older stuff!

Watching the T.V. is more rewarding!

Forget cleaning, let me watch T.V. for a bit…


1. This is how i finally ended up spending the weekend. Was it effective? I should say it was! I ended up with a half – read book, half – done sketch, all the articles in the shelf out on the floor around me and finally, being bored of it all and sitting in front of the T.V.

2. Let me tell you, i didn’t watch any ships or boats sailing in the seas as shown in the last cartoon, but couldn’t find any proper T.V. images in the net! Bahh!

3. The images of the props in the cartoons have all been taken freely from the net. Next post will be out on Christmas.