Christmas in Atlanta

Yes, this is a travel post and it is long over due.

We had been planning on going to as many cities as possible before the winter had fully arrived. What with Christmas bringing in a long weekend, we decided it was time for the Atlanta trip.

Our stay at Atlanta was for two nights and three days and seems to me, that, that is not enough!

We drove to Atlanta from Charlotte and it was a three and half hour drive. Thankfully , roads were empty because it was the holiday season, which also reminded us the second most important thing, our brunch!

We started early without our breakfast but we soon found out that there were not any eateries open, because it was Christmas! Since I tend to become more hungry if I wake up early in the morning , I was dying to get a bite of food!

That was when McD came to our help. (Bless these people, they are open on any day! Reminded me of a similar lunch-deprived experience we had on Thanksgiving)

We had a couple of pancakes, some fries and strawberry milk shake and continued our journey.

The city of Atlanta reminded me so much of the only other big city I had been to , New York. The huge buildings of Bank of America and Wellsfargo invite the people into the city with open arms, hinting of how the other buildings in the city are going to be like!


                                                 Christmas deco at the hotel

We reached our hotel, checked-in, cleaning ourselves a bit and went to the Centennial Olympic Park, which was a stone throw away. The park was constructed for the Olympic games. It is a huge park and it was very crowded.


                                                            Olympic park : Courtesy – wiki


We walked around in the park, wanted to have our dinner in any Indian restaurant. I , for one, suddenly had the idea of using the tram cars there(also called as street cars). But, there is a hitch.

tram car, Street car

                                                     The Street car in Atlanta

Only specific stations have trams to specific routes and we soon ditched the idea, because we had to walk 20min to reach the station to board a street car for our destination, instead of the station, which was right in front of us!

We rushed to our hotel, brought out our car, to drive to the restaurant. Sadly, we had forgotten that it was Christmas, in spite of us being in US!


The restaurants were closed and we returned to our hotel with sad faces and hungry stomachs.

The hotel we were staying in , had an in-house restaurant and we thanked all the Indian Gods and Gods from other nations as well, with gratitude.

Atlanta City view from hotel room

                                                                 City view from our hotel room

Leaving aside all the cosy tables, we went ahead and sat at the center, hoping to be served first!


We ordered onion soup and salad, along with fried potatoes. (The words olive oil, to me , meant that fried potatoes were a good choice and healthier option than deep fried fries!)

We spent 70 bucks on our dinner but I was not one bit satisfied with the onion soup and the fried potatoes. The salad saved the day for me. (If you ever visit Atlanta or any place and want to try a vegetarian soup, I say, never order onion soup. It nearly killed my soul!)

With this debacle , we returned to our rooms, me feeling almost as hungry as I was before, hoping , the next day would open bigger restaurant doors for us to eat at.

Before calling it a day, Mr.Bee and I, planned what we are going to check out the next day. Turns out, there are many places in Atlanta and so little time….


  1. Dear people, when you are booking a hotel, if they are also asking for a parking fee, book it then and there, online. We didn’t and we had to pay double the amount at the hotel. A pity!
  2. Since we selected a busy time to visit, the parking lot of the hotel was completely filled up and even the traffic in the city was horrible.
  3. The skyview in downtown ,Atlanta, is one good spot to catch the city in its full glory. But the lines of people waiting for it is a pain. The queues at every tourist spot can scare a devil away!

                                                                  Sky view

4.  The second part of this post will be up in a couple of days.