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My Dream Travel Destination: The Great Wall of China


The Great wall of China

Being an Indian, China puzzles me. Their homogeneous culture is the opposite of unity in diversity India believes in. The world’s most populous country has done  many things better than India in the recent times. What makes this giant tick when we are still struggling with basic things? Or is another face hiding behind the veil of development? What better than visiting China to put pieces of the puzzle together?


The Great Wall(s) of China, you might think, is the only man-made object visible from space, moon, and even mars. But that’s not true! However, they are among the largest construction projects undertaken by the human race. The best preserved wall, the one that is referenced as The Great Wall of China today, dates between 14th and 17th CE. Built by the Ming Dynasty, it is 8850 KM long and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Seventy percent of it is a wall made of bricks and stone, while natural fortification like rivers and mountains form the remaining.


However, Great Walls’ have been built in China before that. Qin Shihuang of Qin dynasty connected a number of defense walls constructed during 7th Century BCE – 4th Century BCE to form a single walled fortification system that ran 6700 KM, in the 3rd Century BCE. That was a different “Great Wall” and it is not present today. Other dynasties also built extensive walls around their kingdoms, then, and later on. Walls built in 3rd Century CE and 6th Century CE rivaled the earlier and later constructions in scope and size.


The Great Wall built by Ming Dynasty remains fairly intact and I want to walk on/along this wall someday. On the way, I hope to visit a city, a town, and a village. Or a few of them. This will not be a touristy heritage walk, but a personal walk to understand the country, their culture, their problems and their solutions. I want to understand their beliefs, learn their systems, and explore if some of them could serve people of India, and the world. I hope this travel will enable me to look at things with an open mind and a broader perspective.

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Thanks DI for the wonderful post. May your wish to travel come true and may you continue writing many posts.(Guests posts included..!)