Re-winding,the A-Z!

Just when my friends started celebrating the completion of my A-Z challenge, I have come up with this reflections post. This post will tell my feelings in a nutshell.
All started with the Blogging Challenge which Demanded the bloggers to start the month of April with Enthusiasm ,For, there lay ahead a Gruelling task of coming up with 26 posts in a month.
Heaving in relief was possible only after I could complete the task successfully. I, Jumpstarted the month by writing as many posts as I could, in the first day and saving them in the drafts.
My challenge already had a hurdle in the form of me having to go out of town.
Neither had I planned nor expected it.
Out of the blue, my Prayers were answered.
My Quintessential friend came to my Rescue.
Each day, for a week, all the posts that I had Saved in my drafts were posted successfully, True to his word. (There is even a guest post for the second time in my blog..)
Unable to contain my excitement at the growing comments in my blog, I have responded, throughout my Vacation.
As the Weeks progressed, I have lived up to self proclaimed Xccentric award, ‘Early starter – Middle slacker – End rush hour’ Youth Icon!


Zap! The A – Z Challenge came to an end and my reflection is….
I lovvvvvvvve it..!
1. I have tried to cramp all the alphabets in this post and make sense. This, my dearies, is my tribute to A-Z Challenge.