Diwali Dhamaka

With Diwali round the corner, some memories are making their presence felt.(Nostalgia,how I spent Diwali..)

I remember those days of absolute fun,when the Diwali celebrations began a week ahead. After a day at school, evening was well-spent in bursting loose crackers or firing the roll caps in a pistol. (Imagining myself to be a lady police or a cow-boy! ‘Cow-girl’ sounds vulgar!)


This pistol has roll-caps as bullets..!

Finally ,when it was the day of the festival, I would take a head – bath, wear new clothes(feeling very important in the meanwhile),eat lunch after the Lakshmi Puja was performed, go and burst another batch of crackers, return home, take an evening shower, wear an old cotton dress, perform a small ritual(like a Spartan on the way to the battle field!) to save us from any mishaps during the play, eat some home-made sweets before going out,to start the fireworks.

The most unforgettable memory I have of Diwali is when I fired a rocket that took a serpentine route. Many of my friends hooted loudly in encouragement and glee, but the rocket did what I least expected. The rocket slowed down after taking a couple of ‘kicks’ from the people nearby. Why was the rocket kicked? Because it burnt a huge hole in the saree of our watchman’s wife! (Mom had to give one of her own sarees as a compensation, which is another story all together!)


The vagabond rocket..!

Then there was this other incident when I lit a Jameen Chakra which after a very whirlwind rotation, suddenly shattered into pieces with a huge sound, like a hydrogen bomb!

I, who was standing near the Jameen chakra as I felt it was very harmless, shouted at the top of my lungs as I was scared! My friends had a hearty laugh at my expense,I was left red-faced.

With these memories bringing a smile to my lips…I wait eagerly for this Diwali.


  1. We light diyas and decorate our home with as many of them as we can. Will post the pics in next post after Diwali, with a detailed explanation also.
  2. Ever tried Vishnu chakra? It scares the living day lights out of me!
  3. I generally start bursting crackers with a 200-wala! (Literally, with a dhamaka..yehh!)
imagination vs reality

IMAGINATION : earth on fire, after lighting a 10000-wala with a roll cap- pistol ; REALITY : Not enough sparks emit to light the 10000-wala,only result is a ‘phussss’ sound! – Rajnikanth inspiration folks!

              4. The small puja we perform is burning a small gongura plant(no idea  what it is called in  English) before we start bursting crackers or even lighting the diyas and lamps.


Gongura looks like this