Who am I ?

When I saw the latest activity at blogadda was about ‘Things that define me’, I decided to write what define me and who I am.

For easy understanding let me write it point-wise.

  1. I love and love reading books and getting lost in them.(You call me geeky? So be it!) I am passionate about reviewing what all I read too.
  2. Sometimes I am in no mood to decorate myself from head to toe. I like to be myself. No decoration – no drama!
  3. I love watching Chinese Kungfu movies. I prefer Jackie Chan to Amy Adams and Reese Witherspoon any day!(When Jackie retires, I will think of others!) Did I forget mentioning I love Korean movies and T.V shows?My bad..!
  4. I love sketching, doodling (or drawing cartoons, whatever!)
  5. I enjoy dancing. I have those big expressive eyes!
  6. I love to talk loud, laugh without inhibitions and sing at high octaves! (I can sing well, but I love to tease people around by singing badly!)
  7. I love to whistle! (Rowdy girl?!)
  8. I hate to COOK. (not a typical wifey material, am i?)
  9. I hate sarees(They are such high maintenance)
  10. I enjoy cycling. I love to drive. Long drives any one? (Chala jata hoo,kisi ki dhun me..! I hum in the background..)
  11. I love Barbie! (Girly, at last?)
  12. I am a conservative dresser, but then, I hate rules! ( a rebel?)
  13. I love to let go and enjoy. I hate stressing out. (But I do take stress!)
  14. I love to dance in crowds, while listening to music. I enjoy tapping my feet, when the songs are dance-worthy! (Cynosure of eyes?)
  15. I love shopping, but hate spending needlessly! (Wise shopper?)
  16. I hate crying in front of anyone. (Egoistic? Don’t know!)
  17. More than anything, I love observing animals and birds. (such bliss looking at a pigeon eat its grains or cat drinking its quota of milk – Animal lover?)
  18. I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy most is, telling all those movies as stories to my family or friends. (The next dialogue is…blah blah..!)
  19. I prefer oldie movies, than all the senseless Humshakals and Himmatwalas!(The movie critic?)
  20. I hate movies where the heroine is a harassed wife or daughter-in-law! I hate movies which are sentimental and make me cry! (Why should I waste my money for tear-jerking movies, when life is full of drama? I want entertainment folks. Ever heard of comedy? Am I wise girl?)
  21. I love attention!Who doesn’t? (Drama Queen in the making?)
  22. I am more than the fair and pretty face. There is a heart inside! (Sweet girl?)

Are you trying to label me after reading the above? Difficult? Of course it is! (Let me help you..)

Who am i - Gillette

I am writing a post about myself,why not include a picture of the Queen Bee herself,eh?

No I am not the typical Indian girl nor am I a tomboy!

I am a blogger, a know-it-all, a mediocre singer, a self confessed food addict , a closeted dancer, a critic, an engineer by profession and an enthusiastic rule-breaker and still a mama’s girl!(a pallu holder at that!)


The feathers in my cap..i take it quite literally!

I am all these and more. I have a heart and mind of my own!That’s who I am!


1. This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus.

2. Since I am a Jackie Chan fan I decided to name the post as Who am I?

3. I wrote three points about movies alone! That’s how much i love movies!(Good movies,that is!)

4. Readers, I couldn’t draw a cap. So adjust with the headband in the cartoon. 😛