The Bowl of Fries

The little known fact about the theaters in US is that , most of them serve food in the theaters at the seats. The buttons infront of each seat is to call the service providers, who let us select what we want to eat from the menu and bring it to us, as we continue watching the movie. Bliss!

This service is what I love most about the theaters!

Today’s cartoon is about one such experience in a theater.

As soon as the previews of other movies have started, we ordered what we wanted to eat,a bowl of fries and soft drinks.

Queen Bee , watching the movie with Mr.Bee

                                                             Queen Bee , watching the movie with Mr.Bee

As soon as I saw the bowl of fries, I was eager to start eating. (It was in those earlier days when I loved eating fries at every place!) But it is good to have someone, who looks at stuff with much more scrutiny than you do!

french fries in hand

                             With hunger being my constant friend, I took one of the fries into my hand..

With each passing minute , I was sure, Mr.Bee was making me wait by pointing out nothing in particular! (As you will see, I was ignorant!)

At the top of the pile of fries, were red and green pieces , as a garnish, which looked totally harmless! (I found it hard to distinguish the colours inside the already dark theater)

Then , luckily, the server who served us, cameby..

He heard our little discussion and his reply was…

Scare of my life

                                                                              Getting a scare of my life!

That ended the fun for me.

Who would have thought, these people garnish the perfectly normal, french fries with bacon (no God!) and scallion (which is ok)

All the while, Mr.Bee had a nice laugh. And I learnt a lesson, to be aware of what may go into a bowl of  fries!


  1. Drawing these simple cartoons took me more than a couple of hours. They look so simple yet they are very difficult to draw. No wonder I have lesser cartoons these days!
  2. Only some places have bacon with fries. But it is good to warn the people around, that ,yes, you are a vegetarian! 😛