The Know It All!

Just as I was getting used to taking care of Baby Bee, he began to show less interest in sleeping in a single room!

Who would have thought an infant would get bored of staying in the same bedroom 24 X 7 ? (Except for a bathroom break when he is getting his bath!)

The Pediatrician also advised us that it is ok to take the baby out once in the morning after 9:00 A.M and once before 5:00 P.M in the evening. (The pollution and the weather are the reasons for the timings).

So, one fine afternoon, when I was in the cellar of my parent’s home, with Baby Bee, I met two kids.

The ‘Know It All’ kid and his sister, along with QueenBee and Baby Bee!

The boy must have been 9 years old and his kid sister, 4 years old. While the girl began shouting and jumping to grab the attention of Baby Bee, the boy was busy asking hundred and one questions and every one of them were the right questions! (Like does the baby sleep at night? )

Asking pertinent questions ; surprising the QueenBee!

When someone as young as a 9 year old begins to ask pertinent questions, right on the dot, you begin to wonder how much he knows about having a baby at home!

With these thoughts running in my mind, I returned inside. After talking to my parents, I came to know that, he is in-charge of his kid sister, whereas, his elder sister is in-charge of doing the dishes and the laundry! (His mom sure is a manager, albeit of a team of minors!)

This is the very opposite of what I have been accustomed to! Our mom would never let me work. (My sister would end up doing stuff on her own, but I enjoyed running away from any kind of work or responsibilities!) Oh! What fun I had those days, sitting like a queen and waiting for stuff to be brought to me!

Anyways, coming to the ‘Know It All’, the boy knew a lot about having an infant at home and that surprised me. Because, before I had Baby Bee, I never knew they would wake up so much at night or that they will have erratic timings etc.

Good going kid!

And that makes me wonder, have you ever met a Know It All?


1. I have changed the hairstyle of the QueenBee in the cartoon, because that is how demure I look now, what with taking care of a kiddo who enjoys pulling out strands of his mom’s hair!

2. I don’t know usage of words of babies, but Baby Bee loves saying ‘Uggu’!

3. The boy doesn’t have spectacles, but I drew them in the cartoon to show he was a ‘know it all’! I know, i know, such prejudice! But well, what else to do?