Caught and bitten

It all happened suddenly,when I was in a blissful REST MODE on my bed.Read ahead..!

I had a book in one hand and my favorite biscuit in the other hand(Ya,details about the biscuit will be given under the P.S: section..please go through it at the end!)

I was reading some pleasant stuff about travels and tourists(I mean travelogues!You silly Bees!!Ya,bees are all my lovely readers…since i call myself Queen Bee,my readers will obviously be…Bees!)

So,I was immersed in reading the book,when I suddenly felt a sting on my hand.(I was bitten!)

I put the book down.(Gulped the biscuit ,ofcourse) and started my search …for the culprit.(I started searching the bed,to see how and why I got bitten)

I checked the sides of the bed,between the bed head board and the mattress. Could only find an old petrol bill (Must have fallen there by mistake.)

I checked the pillow,the blankets and all that could be removed (and re-assembled)

I still was unable to find the reason for the bite(Baahhhh!)

Slowly I began to feel lazy …felt like sleeping and not continue with my reading. I was in no mood to read (or even eat..the other biscuit was still in front of me)

So ,I just lay down on the bed.

After some hours…I woke up..moved here and place in particular…with least interest in doing anything.

Didn’t feel like writing my posts..didn’t feel like watching the movie(My people were watching some home.)

I just felt like wasting my time staring at the screen or my blog page..only.

Then…finally ..I understood what had bitten me!!

The…LAZY BUG!(ofcourse)



1. Lazy bug ,gets me regularly..and which makes me feel and act lazy and not write any new posts for my blog.

2. People who want to scold me…for my laziness better scold the lazy bug…which does nothing,but bite me.

3. Lazy bug is just the ‘bahana'(pretext!) I give ¬†for my laziness!

4. The biscuit I was talking about earlier is from Bangalore Iyengar bakery ,which just melts in my mouth! Now that I gave free publicity..I hope the bakery people give me free life-time supply of my favorite biscuits!(Hahaha…I am getting greedy!!)

5. So,all the people who waited for a post on this know whom to scold..the lazy bug ,ofcourse!