The tiny sapling

Its been a while since I have posted a cartoon of mine here.

I had this done a while ago , when I first entered Charlotte and began a new hobby of gardening. (Which has come to a stand still because of the winter now.)

The cold weather is not exactly plant-friendly. That too if you are trying to grow them in a pot on the 9th floor!

The early enthusiasm as a plant lover starts from here..

Early enthusiasm being a budding gardener!

The ta-da moment , when QB decided to have her own little garden..

As the days progress…

The sapling..

Finally , when there is a tiny little sapling in the pot..

Meanwhile, in the small ecosystem (called the garden pot), saplings compete..

ecosystem - garden pot

Competition everywhere , even in the garden pot!

With day to day photo updates and constant staring at the poor little seeds to grow up, adds to the pressure they face.

So now you know, how competitive the saplings are in QB’s garden!



  1. You know they say plants can understand humans. I bet they do..
  2. I bought a Bamboo Stylus to do my cartoons. 😀
  3. I took time away from pottery and blogging to read a book, ‘Gone Girl’. After reading the book, I now feel the need to watch the movie as well. I have that habit of checking how the director had done the job after reading the book, if the movie is faithful to the book or not…but my next post will be on pottery. Wait for more.