The Contract – Review

With my challenge to read 25 books this year, hanging on my neck, i plan to read more and more books , novellas and what not.

After reading Haveli by the same author, i was eager to read this one through.

Review follows….

The Contract – By Zeenat Mahal

The contract- Zeenat Mahal

Shahira and Hussain

Shahira, a school teacher and a 30 year old divorcee with an eight year old son has no one left after the sudden death of her mother.

Salma , the grandmother of her favourite student Natasha has a proposal, to get Shahira to marry her businessman son ,Hussain , a widower.

Hussain and Shahira get married and it’s purely a contract. She gets to be a rich wife with a salary and he has someone who can take care of his eleven year old daughter and old mother, as he based out of the country.

The relation between Shahira and Hussain is very stormy. There is no love at first sight as they meet for the first time and thank God for that. I don’t like cliché in a story!

At the beginning Nudrat, a past affair of Hussain doesn’t find Shahira as a competition. Just as Hussain realizes he is in love, begins to show it through his body language Nudrat can’t bear it. She is openly jealous.

While Hussain wants to know more about Shahira and take his marriage seriously, Shahira keeps reminding him that this is only a contract marriage.

Will Nudrat drive a wedge between the couple?

Will Shahira,who had a traumatic marriage, get over her past, trash the trust issues she has and fall in love with Hussain?

What is the story behind Hussain’s past? Why does he treat marriage as a contract intitally?

To know more, read the contract, for yourself.

What I like:

I loved Shahira, who was grounded, could bounce back from an abusive relationship and save herself and her son.

I loved Hussain, more so when he began to get jealous just because Shahira would treat him like a business partner but be her natural self around others! I like how he wanted to clarify the misconceptions of Shahira and to not judge him without knowing his past. (Shahira initially thinks he is money minded because of his absence in the life of his only child Natasha.)

I also like Salma , the cool mother-in- law of Shahira, who has a few tricks up her sleeve to bring Hussain and Shahira together. She is a far cry from the jealous mother-in-law from Shahira’s previous marriage.

What i don’t like:

I expected Nudrat to have a bigger role in the story.

I give 4/5 for this novella.


1. With another of Zeenat Mahal’s book to be read, She loves me, He loves me not , I am eager to read and review it here.

2. Though it is bad to compare to novellas of the same author, I still love Haveli more than this one. 😛  (the protagonists there were hard to forget!)