The Tiger World

On the fine morning when Mr.Bee and I,the QB were on our way to Cape Hatteras, I happened to see the sign board about a Tiger World,on the Highway, within some miles’ distance.

I read it out to Mr.Bee, ‘Tiger World!’, I exclaimed.

‘We will go there’, he replied as we proceeded on our journey to Cape Hatteras.

I had forgotten all about it, until one fine Saturday morning Mr.Bee told me, we were going to the Tiger World, and he didn’t forget his promise!

‘Woohoo!’, I said as we got ready for the new experience.

We started by 8:30 a.m as we wanted to be there by 9:00 to see the wild cats being fed, which was done at 9:00. (They are subjected to fasting on Wednesdays and Sundays, because Tiger World is closed on those days!)

The Tiger World , situated in Rockwell, NC, is a 39 minute drive from our home. (38.1miles approximately)

By the time we reached there, there were only three cars in the parking lot, including ours. The other two cars belonged to an old couple who volunteered in the Tiger World and another old couple who had adopted a Tiger.

So , want to know more, read ahead.

As we waited in the parking lot, to help the old couple( who were volunteers) they told us that the Tiger World is the best place for a much needed getaway from the hum-drum of the daily life.

We entered the Tiger World just in time to see the white trucks being loaded with food for the animals, at the entrance.The animals at the facility can be adopted, and the money they give is used to feed the animals.

The Tiger World was started by a lady who had been passionate about Tigers from childhood.That was when she found out that the number of tigers in the world is fast decreasing. She started Tiger World a non-profit animal centre which takes care of animals which need shelter. It is funded by volunteers and animal lovers.(Tax benefits included!)

There were white tigers, Bengal tigers, cougars, spotted leopards, white lion(born with a rare mutation, only 11 exist in the world), wolves, foxes, liger, baboons, cranes,monkeys,reptiles,kangaroos and more. The tiger world is very vast and we don’t get bored roaming around endlessly. We stayed there till 4 in the evening.

I loved the time we spent there among the animals.

Tiger World Map

                                                                                 Tiger World Map

I went around taking pics and videos of the area.

As soon as we went inside, I saw the white tigers waiting eagerly for their truck with food. I have never seen tigers that desperate for food that they didn’t bother looking at us!

The swans, peacocks, peahens, ducks were left free to roam.

Peacock walking with grace and poise

                                                     Peacock walking with grace and poise

While I was resting on the benches under the huge trees, I saw this lone old Owl, deep in thought. (Or is it sleeping?) God knows,but that didn’t stop me from taking pictures of it.

The Harassed looking owl!

                                                                     The Harassed looking owl!

These cranes were in an enclosure and putting fingers or hands inside the shelter is not recommended as the cranes tend to bite!

East African Crowned Crane

                                         East African crowned crane, a born Prince!

The ducks move about in groups, a proof of that is the photo below. (Some of the black swans threatened to push me away, by running towards me and scaring me off, but the ducks are pretty harmless. They keep to themselves.)

Duck team

                                                                           A team of Ducks.

One of the tigers here is blind in an eye because of genetic disorder and had been rescued by Tiger World when tiger had been ill. It is seen as soon as we enter the Tiger World, right at the entrance.

There are also reptiles like rattle snake, Anaconda and Iguana. Reptiles can get on our nerves. (I hoped I could talk to snakes in ParselTongue, just like Voldemort and Harry Potter or even Salazar Slytherin. Sadly, I can’t!)

Dragon by the Ocean !

                                                                    Dragon by the Ocean !

At the enclosure for the Baboon, one lady tried to go too near and that’s when the baboon started acting strangely. He threw dried animal faeces at her. She didn’t like taking a picture from far , I guess, because she tried it again and the baboon threw faeces on her twice, when she tried ignoring his noises of protests.

Baboon in meditation!

                                                  Baboon in meditation! (taken from google images)

As soon as we ended our tour inside the Tiger World, we returned to the Gift Shop.(Because that’s the only way to come in and go out, through the gift shop!)

Almost all animals are replicated in soft toys here and one little soft Peacock toy, forced me to buy it. I had no choice but to give in, to its cuteness!

My 'Morni' - My Peacock

                                                                  My ‘Morni’ – My Peacock

Lastly, I also found a Hibiscus plant and look at the flower..



With hot and flushed faces, tired feet and with a soft toy in hand, we returned to the car and drove home by 4:30.

On the whole a good day with animals.


  1. All the volunteers and older people generally talk and tell tales about the animal shelter , here. They act like guides here. Adoption seems to be a favourite topic discussed here.
  2. The lesson I learnt is never to go too close to an animal enclosure. *HIT HAPPENS!
  3. With Mr.Bee down with an infection last week and a two day trip to NewYork, left me with little time to write posts for the past two weeks. Sorry for the delay. In later posts I will talk about the newest hobby I have and more. For more details, check out the blog for updates. Till next post, cheerio.