The Pirate Of Charlotte

By the time the ‘fall’ had come to an end and as the climate was beginning to send shivers down my spine(winter was near), Mr.Bee told me that going out in winter would become very very difficult.

That’s when we decided we had to go to Charleston or else we had to wait till spring in April.

One fine Friday afternoon , we started out to Charleston,South Carolina. It was a 3-hr drive from Charlotte, North Carolina state.

The main feature here is the Charleston Bridge, which is 2.7miles in length. If you have to go anywhere in the beach city, you will surely have to cross the bridge for a minimum of 3 times,each day! (If you want to cover more than two tourist spots ,that is)

Charleston Bridge

Charleston Bridge – 2.7 mile long

We spent the remaining part of Friday evening at the Charleston Shopping centre, where I bought a painting, a scarf and some hair accessories.

After a very happy evening, we returned to our room to rest our feet and sleep.

Saturday morning was spent in searching for a good place to eat our breakfast. We had sesame bagel with butter. It was very tasty, but I couldn’t complete my bagel. My stomach was full even before it was over. I loved the tiny little eatery and the residential area around it and surprise, the beach was around the corner!!

Loved the area so much, I will remember it for eternity!

We then went to Palm Beach (as per the suggestion of the owner of the eatery). All along the road, there were Palm trees on either side of the road, on the way to the Palm Beach, hence the name. That was the first time I saw palm trees in US. I never expected them to exist here!

Mr.Bee and I expected the climate to be cool and packed in a lot of woollen clothes, Charleston was sunny.

But as soon as our feet touched the water, our feet felt numb and cold!

Mr.Bee and QB at Charleston

Mr.Bee and QB on the beach, trying their hand at photography!

We braved the cold water and continued walking along the length of the beach. This time around, I only picked a couple of conches and shells, unlike when we went to Cape Hatteras.

Even though the beach was crowded we had free parking on that day, because of some festival at the beach.

From the beach, our next stop was at the Charleston Aquarium, where we had lot of fun.

Star fish stamp

‘Star fish’ stamp on our wrists, done at the entrance of the aquarium.

Fish with bunny teeth!

Funny how this fish has bunny teeth!

As soon as we entered the aquarium, we saw an open pond like artificial structure, where we were allowed to touch sting rays and other fishes. That was when I knew I wanted to touch them. Check out this video. (Sting rays reminded me of wet mushrooms when I touched them! The other shark fish I touched felt like a rubber tube)

After checking out big and small fishes, we came across the lion fish tank. Check out this video to see the lion fish.

As if seeing the Ocean life was not enough, they also had a life like paintings along the corridors. I found this beautiful painting particularly beautiful.

Painting at the Aquarium

Painting at the Aquarium

Deep sea and ocean life like jelly fishes were in a separate section of the aquarium. The jelly fish moving gracefully , as if to the tune of some song, looked ethereal. (Somehow, they reminded me of the movie Avatar!) Check out the Jelly Fish video.

We spent close to three hours in the aquarium.

Later, for dinner, we went to an Indian restaurant and had a heavy dinner. But the ambience there sucked big time. I felt so dull and bored at the restaurant as if my happiness was being sucked away by a dementor! (Remember the skeleton like creatures from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?)

When I felt so depressed at the restaurant I understood how important the ambience of a restaurant is, to succeed! (Saw loads of white people at the restaurant ordering parcels of Samosa and Biryani, which are the popular favourites throughout the Indian restaurants.)

After stuffing ourselves silly, we returned to our room to sleep.

On sunday, we checked out of the hotel with free time on our hand, Mr.Bee wanted to take me for a yacht ride.

We had a 2 hour ride in the yacht, where I took the control of the yacht and steered it on the river water for half an hour.


The steering was pretty simple as we don’t have an accelerator or a clutch to make it difficult! Controlling the steering wheel is enough. If there is a high tide, the steering would become more difficult as the sails have to be controlled and modified regularly.

Since the ride we had was on a weekend, there were not many boats or yachts on the river. The yacht we went in could accommodate up to 6 people excluding two people to steer it. There are also two cabins with beds for sleeping, a tiny teeny kitchen and a restroom. Some people even get married in such yachts.(The old couple who took us for our 2 hour ride were very friendly and told us much about boats,yachts and sailing. they even let me steer the yacht for half an hour) 😀

I enjoyed steering the yacht and felt so much like Captain Jack Sparrow (I had watched all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, just before going to Charleston!) and that is how I decided I wanted to show off as a Pirate of Charlotte!


  1. The difference between a boat and a yacht is the length. Boats which are longer are called yacht, some have the capacity of 10 passengers (like the one we did) or capacity more than 100 or so!
  2. Aquariums are so common here in the US, I have already visited quite a few of them. One at Myrtle beach, Charleston, and at Atlanta. But each has a speciality of its own.
  3. We watched a 20minute Polar Express movie, in 4-D at the aquarium. It was fun. It was like a roller coaster ride! Some kids began to cry too, it was that realistic!
  4. All the videos are done by me and Mr.Bee. I tried to keep them less shaky and good. You can also hear my voice at some places, especially in the video where I touch the Sting Ray! (The stings of the sting rays were removed, so they are harmless. But, while touching them, it is advisable to avoid the eye or tail area.)