The alphabet for today is : O

The topic for today is origami,the Japanese art of paper folding.The first brush i had with the beautiful art of Origami was making of small and easy boats to put in rain water,something like this…

I could never go any further than making this easy boat.Thankfully my sis has more patience and interest than me in this particular art,so she managed to make some very interesting paper foldings.

The collage below shows white swan,the extreme left pic shows the design of the wings.The other designs are of modular origami.

Here is another bird…(she has done more than just these,but i wanted to keep the post small ,may be i will have to write another post to fully justify the Origami art.)
Origami requires lots of patience as it involves making many similar parts and fit them together to form a whole new art form.
Do you have enough patience to try this out?
1. The wet folding technique was invented by Akira Yoshizawa,which involves making the paper wet to fold and the art thus created has well rounded finishing unlike the original technique where the edges are sharp,like this.
2. Pics taken by me and all the art except the dog is done by my sis.Well done di!