Have you ever watched a movie which kept coming back to you even if you tried to stop thinking about it?

Yesterday , I had this experience and I should say I was not one bit thrilled! It is not a welcome experience.

It all started with me and Mr.Bee sitting on the lazy leather couch and Mr.Bee suggesting that we watch ‘Philadelphia’ starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington.


The lawyer and his client

What more can anyone ask for?

Great actors playing lawyers and I was half expecting them to be involved in a courtroom drama , fighting each other if not viciously at least through war of words , to win a case for their individual clients.

Imagine my surprise when the movie was about a homosexual AIDS patient (played wonderfully by Tom Hanks) and his lawyer played by Denzel Washington suing the former’s law firm for terminating him from his job based on AIDS discrimination!

The law firm come to know Tom Hanks is suffering from the deadly virus and remove him from the job where he was recently promoted as a senior partner!

While Denzel Washington watches his client from close quarters go through the pain, even I was moved.

After the movie ended I was more than glad to attend a Rudrabhishek at our local temple.

I had the best 4 hour long entertainment meeting many friends there.

As we returned home and as I lay on the bed to get some much needed sleep, I closed my eyes and I remembered the sad face of a dying Tom Hanks and bang, I couldn’t sleep!

Come to think of it, I always remembered Tom Hanks as Forest Gump earlier , now all I can think of was him as Andy Beckett , the patient!

That was when I decided to push my ‘The wall of dead’ post back and post this as my today’s post. I knew I couldn’t live in peace or sleep well without writing about it and getting it out of my system.

Luckily, after I decided that, I was able to sleep.


Hence the post.

On an off topic view….

What with rains thundering in the background and flash flood alerts buzzing our cell phones to life, the holidays look promising!


No weekend , no holiday in US is complete without the weather showing us who the boss is!



  1. Merry Christmas to all my blog readers. May the force be with you! (Ya, I watched Star Wars recently!)
  2. Antonio Banderas as the partner of Tom Hanks in the movie looked so cute and handsome! I actually loved seeing him on screen after watching a pale and dying Tom Hanks, that was a much needed change! 😉
  3. Can anyone please tell me why the movie was named Philadelphia? Beats me!!
  4. My next post ‘The wall of dead’ will be out in a week. Till then , have a happy holidays.