Break ke Baad!

If you are a regular viewer of the Indian soaps and t.v. channel strategies, you know what we are talking about!
If you ever had similar frustrations while watching a show, you will face a de-ja-vu situation.

Without further ado, read ahead… TERA KYA HOGA – BREAK KE BAAD, a Guest Post by my sis….

The heroine is happily humming a song in the kitchen waiting for the milk to boil. She is seen smiling with her head in the clouds imagining things which she wishes to happen.

Before that we are shown the scene wherein the man of her dreams enters the house. There’s the awkward glance between the two (I should say elaborate staring with so called love and affection filled eyes) (I wonder why the rest of the family fails to get the hint when the duo standstill and stare for an hour…the poor love birds….to their bad luck their family is so totally dense!!)

Aha!! But one guy does notice!! (Thank god! there is one with good eyesight!! You see he uses Crizal glasses as a well-timed advertisement suggests) It’s the love rival…aka…the villain…he shows his anger and jealousy quite evidently but the lovers join the family in not reading the obvious. So they justify our fear about the family being TOTALLY blind!!

Anyway, the family gets busy with their daily chores and rush out leaving the hero in the care of the heroine. She’s so dependable you see! She volunteers to make his favourite kheer and rushes towards the kitchen.

The girl once in a while condescends to earth from her dream world to complete cooking the kheer while giving the villain ample opportunity to poison it. Not knowing the fact, she happily garnishes it with tons of cashew and loads and loads more with her love and gets ready to serve it to her dearest.

The heroine is walking with excitement at a slow pace (don’t ask how any person can walk at snail’s pace when they are excited…our serials tend to be picturised in slow motion so bear with it!!)

After walking for ages (Didn’t know? She is a rich kid and so obviously the kitchen spreads into acres for her to take so much time to come to dining area!!) with the kheer bowl …poisoned one as we are reminded with several zoom shots targeted towards the bowl! Also after zooming the wicked look of villain, innocent anticipating look from hero and the dazed look of the heroine in turns, the bowl is finally placed before the hero. (Hurray!! Yahoo! Congratulations viewer! You never thought you would get to see the day this soon right?! Bless you!!)

The villain is giving out his triumphant arched smile with sadistic pleasure in his eyes imagining the fate of the hero in the hands of his beloved…(he is supposed to be doing things in secret but the way he observes everyone is mind blowing…his 360 degrees vision is akin to Mad-eye Moody’s!!)

The hero gives a million dollar smile (you got that right! He deals in foreign exchange!), to the heroine and poking the spoon into the kheer several times asks her if it’s edible and if it is a good idea for him to eat it by risking his life.

Ba-dump!!! Ba-dump!!! (Heartbeat of the villain not the heroine!)

The villain is shocked!! He wonders how the hero knows that the kheer would kill him. Indeed! Did he see him poison it? Or is it that the hero is psychic? What should he do now? He speaks out his inner thoughts-“Damn….you are great to deduce the truth. Hats off! That’s why I don’t want you in my way spoiling things. Just eat and die already!”

The heroine is upset and hero cajoles her that he was only joking. Heroine asks the hero to never joke about his death with near tears (bucket full to be accurate)…the villain is seen giving a sigh of relief…(viewers should be relieved too…the tears smudged face makeup of heroine would be deadly when zoomed in, so bravo hero for stopping her from crying!)

After apologizing, the hero ultimately lifts a spoonful of kheer (now you have even more zoom shots of the spoon and his mouth and villain’s expectant eyes)…and then comes a COMMERCIAL BREAK!!(Great timing!)

These commercial breaks seem to outrun the serial during its time slot!! How else can these poor people make a serial for years together if not for them? These advertisements save them by taking up their time and give the channel revenue to produce the serial for another decade!

So what happened to the hero? Did he eat the kheer? Did he die? (He can die and have re-births… so don’t worry). Anyway, you will know it tomorrow after the recap of 10 minutes and commercials…!!

Feel sorry for the hero who has to wait for two more episodes just to have the taste of spoonful of kheer!! Hungry kya? There is always Maggi dear hero…!!

Disclaimer: I haven’t taken a paisa to promote Crizal or Maggi.

If the scene explained feels familiar to you…well that can’t be helped! It’s a pretty routine plot…!