Sketch Please – a lonely beach and a tree!

I took out my sketch book again, as it is usually the case with me when i do feel the need to entertain myself and sketch again.

 This time around, the sketches are of a very lonely (should i say lovely!) beach and a bare tree.
 The mountains and the daughter walking on the beach with her daddy,is a perfect setting ,like a scene from an English novel.(I would love to visit such a place in reality! Come to think of it,mountains ,beach and family..woo…sounds fun! Lets just add a couple of novels, hot eatables and that’s a perfect setting for a small picnic..haha)
The other sketch is the tree,with fallen leaves. (Should i just say its a dried-up tree with no leaves).Leaves are not visible anywhere.Just the tree with branches still looks good. Drew this up to use various shading techniques in a single sketch.)
1. More sketches on the anvil,would put them up as the days pass-by.
2. Don’t ask which sketch I like better,difficult to say!

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