I love PadMini! (No, this is not a story! This is the truth)

It all started in December and now i can’t live without her!

In the last post i talked about writing a post on PadMini.

So here it goes…

When Mr. Bee bought me a gift…in the excitement following the gift, i mis -read the name as PADMINI..!

The PadMini- my gift

Taking a gift in hand and mis-reading it in the excitement!

And it turned out to be iPad Mini..!


Correcting the mistake!

Just when i decided that i managed to make Mr.Bee angry, Β he found it funny!


Mr. Bee found my mistake funny!

That’s how I decided PadMini is the best way to refer my Apple tablet.


1. The PADMINI sounds like a very regular Indian girl name and that’s how i refer to my tab! My Padmini! πŸ˜›

2. I will put the second incident involving my Padmini in the next post,watch out for that.

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