The scene starts with…

Kakashi sensei trapped in water prison and the Uchiha clan prodigy Sasuke can do nothing about it. The super-healer Sakura is dumbstruck with little courage to retort!

The most surprising under-performing ninja Naruto then comes up with a plan and with a little team work,frees Kakashi sensei!


I had earlier promised my readers about writing a post on NARUTO; time to fulfill my promise now. Read the earlier post here.


Naruto, the yellow haired protagonist is an orphan. His attention seeking nature is annoying at first and as the story progresses we can do nothing but admire him.


As a kid Naruto never had friends. (and he never ate anything except ramen! Poor kiddo).
In the leaf village of Konoha where he grew up, villagers called him a monster!
That’s the interesting part…
He has a nine-tailed demon fox sealed inside his stomach with a powerful seal and when provoked, Naruto would turn into a Beast!


An attention seeking, friendless guy who turns into a beast is a hero? You ask me that.

Yes, he is the protagonist and more!
Long long ago when a nine tailed demon fox attacked Konoha village, the village head,the fourth Hokage saved the village from destruction by sealing the beast inside Naruto and sacrificing his life while doing it.(I have drawn a seal in the cartoon on naruto’s stomach to show it to my readers.)

There are eight other tailed beasts and each is sealed inside a human using powerful seals.The human carrying a beast is called jinchuuriki.

Naruto along with the Uchiha clan heir Sasuke and Sakura(the chakra queen!) along with Kakashi sensei complete the Team 7. Each ninja groups are assigned with tasks to perform, based on their category of proficiency.
As the story moves ahead, antoganists galore!


There is Orochimaru, Nagato – the Pain, Madara Uchiha who continue to threaten the ninja clan into fighting a war.


We even get to see why the fourth hokage selected Naruto to be the Jinchuuriki!
Who is Minato,the fourth Hokage?
Not to forget the Jiraya sama and  Lady Tsunade sama.(whom Naruto refers as ero sennin and grandma Tsunade respectively!) There are many memorable characters throughout the anime and some of them die as the story progresses. 🙁

I love the episode where Naruto breaks his seal ,turning into Kyuubi,the nine tailed fox that is inside him and fights PAIN! (excellent! I love Naruto in sage mode! The orange Mascara looks lovely! *giggling loudly*)

Who is sage of six paths?

Who is the most powerful ninja of all? What is true ninja spirit?

What is behind the mask of Kakashi ?


All make the plot interesting!

If you like what I told you here, then go ahead, read the manga and watch the wonderful episodes of Naruto and his fights where interesting techniques are used.


If you manage to love them…do drop a comment here to let me know..( If you didn’t like it, let me know! I will send my shadow clones to take care of you!Lol)


1. Manga is the Japanese answer to western comics. Do read a manga from right to left!

2. Like I showed in the cartoon, where Naruto is using Kage Bunshin no jitsu technique,it creates shadow clones…(look – alikes).

naruto-kage-bunshin-no-jutsu3. When Naruto is provoked, he becomes this…


4. The cartoon courtesy : Queen Bee ,the other images are not the property of BeeAfterYou.

5. Japanese word alert : Sensei – teacher ; sama – person who is higher than us,like a sir,used in respect ; jutsu – techniques for fighting ; Ramen – Japanese noodle soup dish.

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  1. And so the most inspiring tale of my life comes to an end…. 🙁

    but i’m proud of myself today, learning and concreting what my parents taught me to be.

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