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It was time for lunch and all the Gulab-Gang(ladies of my section) gathered at one place for the lunch hour musings.

While having our lunch, we manage to talk about everything and the musings take up most of our lunch break.While the tensions and stress at various levels in personal or professional lives take up most of the time, we agreed on one thing, that children are most optimistic. What’s so new about this, you ask?

At the end one such session we decided that children with happy memories were the lucky lot! All the disappointments that one may face can be overcome by re-living the past happy memories of the guilt-free wonderful childhood.

By the time the discussion came to an end, we found ourselves suddenly discussing the sarees of a particular bride who was getting married to a not-so-good young Tollywood hero. Later the movies and politics and a mild criticism against some of our common enemies(work related enemies!) threatened to divert the mood, i was still stuck up at the childhood part.

The word childhood innocence and optimism lingered behind, reminding me of the days, when I had been very happy not because i had high dreams and they were fulfilled, but because i let small things around me, make me happy.

One such incident was when my dad bought a bed for me.

I don’t know how a set of twins fight in a mother’s womb, but the way i and my sister used to fight for enough place on the bed and enough blanket to cover ourselves made up for the lack of it!

So when we began to grow up daddy decided to sleep in peace, by giving us both a bed each for ourselves. Goes to prove we have been spoiled for life! I hate sharing my bed with anyone now!

One fine day when i was in my 6th standard, we had new beds in our bedroom, both occupying most part of the room. What more could i ask for(except for more room in the bedroom for playing!) when i also had a new mattress to go with it.

Bed and a kid!

Love at first sight – My new bed

The new beds were high, with enough space under the bed that i could just bend my neck a bit and could sit uncomfortably on the floor!

Its another matter that i found it very difficult to get on the bed once the new mattress was placed on the wooden bed. I felt i was climbing a high-riser and I almost imagined myself to be spider-man creeping on the face of a very high skyscraper! (Wild imagination, right? I agree!)

spiderman + skyscraper

wild Imagination..!

That night , i could hardly sleep as i was very excited. I remember thanking my dad endlessly and making him and mom tuck me inside my new bed. They deserved a gift, what more lovely than tucking their kid to sleep.That was the judgement i passed! 😛

With the new enthusiasm on getting a bed filling my heart and swelling it beyond recognition, i slept.

Have you ever felt so happy about something as a child?

With this incident reminding me the small joys of life, i smiled.


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8 thoughts on “Look Up

  1. Every day in our life is a new one and new thing to do… I remember every single one of the events in my childhood. Getting a new bicycle, getting the new bike, getting a new cell phone, new pair of shoes, clothes, everything’s amazing.

    I’m a lot more excited about every second… more towards the ones that are coming in the very near future, with you!!

  2. If this had happened in my house, me and my brother would have still continued to fight on who was going to take the new bed and who’ll continue sleeping on the old one! Fighting is the best thing about having a sibling, I mean – back then 😛

    Destination Infinity

    1. Since both me and my sis got new beds…we didn’t have to fight about who will get the old one..
      ya..fighting as a kid was best thing to have happened which are now sweet memories. Ofcourse, we girls never fight as hard as the guys!

  3. lol…those were the days…ya i remember getting excited on getting the new bed & hardly slept…was rolling on it…jumping & even showed off my somersault skills!!! i was jumping so high on the new bed that our parents worried i might hit the ceiling in my excitement… 😛
    Nice post…filled me with the happy memories… 🙂
    In chasing our dreams we get so serious that we tend to forget to enjoy the little things…for a child even a little thing is big so they lead a life of content…

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