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With all the banging at the keyboard, trying to complete my 50,000 word novel this November, when I finally got a chance to watch a movie, I jumped in excitement. (I am currently at 43000 word count :D)

I have been irregular on the blog for this reason. Another week and I am done with my novel.

We rushed to the theater in the last minute frenzy and got the tickets. (the old man seated behind me, in the theater who continued to check the seat number in the light of the cell, even after one hour into the movie, somehow, irritated me!)

Karthikeya, the Nikhil and Swati Reddy starrer Telugu movie is a onetime watch.


The hero Karthik, an MBBS student (with well sculpted abs and all) is a nosy guy, who doesn’t like to let questions go unanswered. At the very beginning he solves a smaller mystery in his college. He comes across as a snob at the very beginning and changes a bit, by the end.

The heroine Valli, the bubbly Swati is a BDS student from the same college as the hero.

One fine day, the hero’s mom tells the hero, after reading his daily forecast, that he will meet a girl, who will bring him luck and lo…the hero meets the heroine!

Conveniently the hero falls in love with her.(The love seemed more to do with the luck she brought him than anything else. So sad!)

The hero then reaches Subramania Puram, where there is another mystery ready to be solved! The village happens to be the native of Valli. (uff..these clichés!)

Whoever talks about re-opening the temple , dies under mysterious circumstances. Why? How?

Hero solves the mystery of the temple of Subramania Swamy at the end and lives happily ever after!

What I liked:

Not a tear jerker. No unnecessary songs. Light hearted watch. The history of the place is told through paintings and they look fabulous. The snake which plays a minor role in the movie looks real(Unlike Chandramukhi, where the snake looks , oh-so-artificial). Heroine looks decent and there are no item songs!  Doesn’t look like it is a low budget movie.Production values are high. I loved the attention to detail.(In the scene where the Endowments Department taking care of the temples, has a meeting, all the paper weights are in the shape of temple Gopuram! Interesting)

What I didn’t like:

Inconsistencies and loose ends galore.

Like say, at the beginning the hero, preaches his friends not to smoke and by the second half he is smoking continuously like a steam engine train! (I wonder if it was a clever way to show the hero is nervous in second half or was it a glaring mistake?)

Suddenly out of the blue the hero gets an idea and it proves to be true and that solves the mystery!(Oh God…Puhlessseee! )

Comedy is bare minimum.

None of the characters are memorable. The only memorable dialogue i remember in the movie is  the  hero’s bhashan (lecture) telling a pregnant woman why she should not kill the girl child in her womb.

Overall verdict:

It is a one-time watch for all those who want to do away with mindless stories about boy meets girl- overcomes parental opposition-item song- kicks the villain and lo-end of the story!

The ending could have been better. When the mystery is finally solved, it comes across as a bit lame.

At least the director has come up with a new story and tried something different!

I give 2.5/5


  1. Is the story in any way inspired from Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple where treasure is buried inside?
  2. Loved the various hairstyles of the heroine. Need to try them out. 😛
  3. I am still scratching my head, as I am confused. Someone please tell me how a snake can bite a person on his forehead, right in the middle, when he is standing, !! Beats me!
  4. I loved the scene where even the medical camp is in the shape of a giant snake! woo..

10 thoughts on “Review time – Karthikeya

  1. Nice review dear…I didn’t watch d film ….lack of time yaar..but seems like your review has done the work…that 3rd point vch u mentioned in the P.S…snake biting on forehead really sounds funny, I knew about our tollywood people, they create miracles n…
    Anyways..written well!!

  2. Nice review. 🙂
    it is sad that ‘luck factor’ is the reason for love. once her luck dies down (used up to save the guy from glitches) so does his love i guess… instead of her positive qualities time-bound luck is what drew him!!
    and regarding the snake biting on the forehead of a standing person…the snake can stretch reeeaaallly loooonnnnggg…..or may be it is a rare 30 feet one… 😛
    i felt that the interesting theme of the movie couldn’t materialize really well…

    1. Thank you. 😉
      yup. I think the theme could have been put to better use, to raise the level of the movie a notch higher, which never happens.
      And..a snake stretching long! Don’t scare me! 😛

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