Just like the Martian


Just as it had begun to sink in that our plan was a major flop show, we ate out and slept late.

The next day turned out to be a day which showed us, that cancelling the trip was not a bad idea, as it continued to rain.

We had a power cut, no water to drink or bathe in and like every human , we felt the need for T.V the most on that day!

I missed the Wi-fi and T.V the most!


Luckily the net in my phone was good. The servers for the T.V and the net at home were down.

As we knew  we were doomed, we decided to go to a mall and Carolina Place Mall came to our rescue.

When Mr.Bee and I were store-hopping (called as window shopping by the regular mortals!), one particular sales- executive told us that he had expected lesser number of people would turn up for the mall since it was raining and because of the hurricane. But there was the usual crowd.

Nothing can stop the motivated shoppers, I guess!


As the Martian had released a day earlier, Mr.Bee and I got ourselves the tickets in the last minute and there we were watching the Martian.


Since this is not a review, let me tell you, I could understand what the protagonist was going through. He had to survive with limited resources for survival. (One day without power, wi-fi and I know what it is to live with limited resources!)

The message at the end of the movie was about facing lots of problems in life and to keep solving each one to move forward. Surviving is more about solving the problems and moving on. Life is too precious to sit idle and expect miracles.

With this new found gyaan, we returned home at 10:30 p.m. and guess what, by then we got the power supply,water and wi-fi back.

I sat by the bed and marked off the check list in my mind.

Lesson learned —- Be prepared always andddd…..Check!


  1. I intended to write a review but how can anyone review a person’s effort for survival. The attempt itself is worth applauding. Go and watch it folks.
  2. Never read the Martian and won’t. No use reading it after watching the movie.
  3. What next? 😉

6 thoughts on “Just like the Martian

  1. regular mortals call it window shopping??!! lol
    i wonder what u need to be to do store-hopping!
    anyway, it is true that shopping lifts up the spirits of any mortal!! i know that better!!
    In fact reading that one line makes me wish to go on a shopping spree 😛 😀
    Flop Show title reminds me of Jaspal Bhatti…

    1. 😛
      A person needs to be a blogger to use the word store – hopping!
      Yup, that was my aim, to remind Jaspal Bhatti to readers and also to use the title which suits the post most.

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