Hyderabadi Traffic!!

Today, I observed lot of people, while I was stuck up in traffic jam at Ameerpet! Read more..
I begin my account, with the guy who considered himself the king of roads(He was going in a zigzag manner, which reminded me of a snake!) The king of roads was brought down to reality, by the sudden hit! He hit a red Octavia. What followed is anybody’s guess. The car-wala had a fight with the bike –wala. Simple.
The biker behind me was so eager to see the fight scene, he hit my flyte thrice.I glared at him (if I had the power like the villain in 7th sense movie, I would have made him kneel in front of me and beg for forgiveness! As my eyes don’t have such power, I had to accept his ‘sorry’. Ya,don’t think I am hard hearted, but I always imagine myself in cinematic scenes and feel happy).The fight scene made me think of Tollywood movies, with both of them using hundreds of bad words. Thank God, there was no one who was twirling his mustache or something, like seen in movies! Haha.
Next to me, was a middle aged guy, on a black hero Honda, who was continuously looking at my watch, to check time. May be he was worried about being late to office (or may be scared to face his boss…) I made a wild guess that he was planning for an excuse for being late.
Just before me was a girl, riding an activa. All I could see were her eyes, as she fully covered her face with a ‘stole’ or ‘scarf’ to escape the pollution (or may be to escape from  eve-teasers or ‘staring’ men,hmm)
I moved past them and was waiting behind an RTC bus. Towards my right, was a guy with a pillion rider, a woman. She wore lot of gold jewellery; I was cursing myself for forgetting my shades.(In the hot sun, the gold jewellery was shining,blinding me.) Of course her jewellery was so old fashioned. They must be newly married, because the guy kept hitting the bus while turning back and talking to his wife!
Then there was a frustrated car driver, who kept scowling at the wind shield and waving his hand in air, as if cursing some invisible demons!(haha) .And ya, he sat stiff behind the steering wheel, I guessed his wife starched his shirt, a bit too much!
Behind me there was this guy blowing the horn continuously, as if he were entertaining us with his musical show After people around him were soooo kind enough to just glare at him with a serious face, he stopped blowing the horn.(Thank god)
From here, I had to drive carefully to avoid the pedestrians coming onto the road. I wanted to point out the foot over bridge just a few feet away, waiting to be used!
We even had to compete with the camels, which were moving through the traffic along with us.
I also saw a guy dozing off in an auto.(That is bliss!)
Who can forget the pan chewers, who consider the whole world to be a spittoon??Before you know, you have an exotic design in red, on your favourite dress, if you are not careful around them.(Ban gutka! People, come support me, let us get the chance to spoil our own dresses than letting some random gutka chewer spoiling it for us!)
I spent almost 45minutes in the traffic studying the people around. Every day presents a fresh drama of events, before us….
That’s Hyderabadi traffic folks.(Isn’t it entertaining?)
1. Traffic is so common in Hyderabad; I get worried if there is no traffic around!
2. We celebrate our festivals, mostly when there is less traffic!!(That’s why I have begun to love Sankranthi, because people go to their villages to celebrate this festival and leave the Hyderabad roads free of traffic, for others to use.)
3. Traffic is so entertaining sometimes. We get to see new people and all. I once met a lady in traffic, she was in an auto and I on my flyte and she started marketing her beauty products. Good business woman I guess, not leaving one minute to be wasted in traffic also.(All those who are curious, ya, I didn’t buy the product.)

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