Home away from home

That’s life!

Even before the feeling of being a man’s wife sunk into my brain, I had to accept the fact that i would be having a new home , so far away from home!

I am moving to Charlotte, with Mr.Bee.  I kept repeating it to myself.

On 28th May 2015, I and Mr.Bee entered the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport , Hyderabad along with near and dear ones on both sides.

I checked my handbag before going into the airport, found what i wanted and patted my own back!

As i rushed towards the counter to get my boarding pass , i was already pink nosed! (Crying makes my white nose, pink! Crying has that effect on me) 😛

I returned to the visitor’s bay, to meet both sets of parents and siblings waiting to bid us, good-bye.

Now is the time , i decide, as i open my handbag to bring out tissues. I hand one to my mom before stuffing another under my pink nose!

I knew tissues would come handy. The pat on the back was not without reason.

I had a hard time looking my mom and dad in the eye, so i ended up staring the floor and at the ignorant security personnel!

As i continued to wallow in self-pity, Mr.Bee reminded me, it was time for the security check.

Before i went in for the security check, I turn back with a painful expression, surveying the visitors for my parents and sis ,just before my flight.

What did i see?

I saw only my dad’s face, head above all the others, looking at me. I tried not to cry,in vain.

We board the flight and as the flight went up in the air , i catch a glimpse of beautiful Hyderabad roads and vehicles, all glowing in the dark sky.

Well, look at these pics.

Lava on roads

Lava on the roads! Doomsday?

I had this vision that all the lights were molten lava flowing on the streets! Though the thought scared me, it looked beautiful 😛


And these were taken just as we entered the US sky and Charlotte respectively.

in the clouds

The Sky, the clouds and the flight going above both. Lovely sight.

clouds at Charlotte

AS we descend over Charlotte, the clouds clear the sky!

Cab and clouds

In the Cab, towards home, from the airport

Just after the take-off, it had begun to rain heavily. Even though the weather didn’t permit, the Captain of our flight brought us to Delhi well before the scheduled time. (I only heard about flights getting delayed. This is the first i have seen a flight ahead of its schedule!)

I had most fun in the flight as i watched two movies one after the other. (I got myself a stiff neck also, which suffered me for a week!)

After the 22.5 hours of journey, i decided i won’t be bogged down by the famous ‘jet lag’. Hmm.

At the brief break in our journey at Chicago, I found myself gawking at all the people! The feeling of landing in a new country didn’t sink in, I gather!

We board the flight again at Chicago to Charlotte and i rest  my neck.

As we collect the luggage,I look around staring everyone, trying to find the familiar skin tone and personalities, which i couldn’t. As the Uber cab stops before us to get in,i decide that, yes, i am finally in the US!


1. The post was long overdue. But my blog had so many issues i had to solve before posting this. I had a mighty big scare too, about all the posts being gone as the server was down and when i could open it finally, i only saw a single post! God, you should see how i cried!

2. This one is from the new category, The Charlotte Chapters. I will start with the cartoons shortly.

3. At the Delhi Airport, i saw a foreigner asking for Himalayan products and it surprised me. Look who is going for Indian products, while some of us are going for foreign brands. Made me smile!

8 thoughts on “Home away from home

  1. I envy the clear blue sky there… it’s so damn muddy in our countries :-/
    “This one is from the new category, The Charlotte Chapters. I will start with the cartoons shortly ” – I would enjoy your Videsi tales for a while.. please don’t hesitate to write more on such stuffs 😛

    1. Sure. Why not?
      The thing is that my new muse is the Charlotte sky which never fails to amuse me.
      I have many photos of the sky i will have to make a new post on that.
      May be i will!
      There will be more East meets west stuff here. Heaven for a blogger.
      I will keep you guys posted.

  2. don’t gawk at people … however curious u are… it will look odd & creepy… 😛
    Home is where the heart is and it is with ur hubby…so i guess u’ll be fine. ^_^
    do share all ur thoughts about the place and click loads of pics for us to see…and enjoy ur time there making new acquaintances and take in the experiences 🙂

  3. Good that you are able to put pics now in the blog. You could show us more pics on Charlotte or US in general, and write about your impressions about the places/people/things they do, etc. so that we could get a better impression about that country.

    Destination Infinity

    1. Ya.I was frustrated actually with many issues coming up here in the blog.
      Things seem to be sorted out for now.
      I will post more pics of places here and write more stuff.
      Good to be back with writing here. 😀

  4. So you are in Charlotte ,the largest city in North Carolina.US is a great society and country and there are many admirable things there to learn.I am sure you would like the place. Best wishes for a very happy time.You can even work now under dependent visa..Looking forward to your frequent posts in Charlotte Chapters.

    1. Hai KP.
      Yes, Charlotte looks beautiful and green. But i don’t know about working because some say i can work , some say i can’t.
      Got to check it for sure.
      I will post new stuff here.

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