Hiatus – Notice

Hai to all lovely readers..

Kindly bear with the brief hiatus. I had originally drawn a doodle about me and Mr.Bee to show the wedding frenzy that is going on in our houses. (I sorely miss the blog and blogging. Believe me, keeping me away from Bee After You is difficult. Some of you might have guessed it, because after announcing my hiatus,i was back again with more than a couple of posts!)

Sadly, my blog has developed some problem where i can’t upload any pics.

I hardly have time to sit and de-bug it.

So , i have no doodle here.

As i announced earlier…my newer posts will be available after the marriage which is on April 22nd.

I may take another month break and then…start blogging with vengeance. I plan to make up for the lack of posts by bringing better stuff!

I have a surprise planned once i am done with my break.

So till then…

WAIT for Queen Bee! (I demand it, you see!) 😛

Cheerio friends.

6 thoughts on “Hiatus – Notice

  1. If you are not able to upload an image, try hosting it in an online photo-sharing site like Flickr, go to the share options, copy the ’embed code’, and paste it in the ‘HTML’ section of your blog post editor.

    Or just post it after 22nd, after all the excitement has (relatively) calmed down. Enjoy 🙂

    Destination Infinity

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