Greeting via card..

As the day came to an end, I was left with some free time on my hands.I decided to meddle with my daddy’s desk. (He was busy with the T.V.)I came upon this precious little thing…

This was made by me and sis dearest on the eve of dad’s birthday. (It was my idea to use stick figures on the card! No wonder my cartoons are also on similar lines! This was way back when i was in school.)

The left kid in the card was supposed to be my sis,then my dad ,mom and the cute kiddo was supposed to be the reincarnation of her highness,the QB.(Chooo chweet! I did this you know..! Haha)

The inside of the card looks like this..

and further inside…

A closer look of the flowers on the sides…
Finally after the card was done, we had a small ceremony of giving it to my daddy!!
1. With this post i have introduced the cartoon of my mom also. Dad ,sis have been featured earlier.
2. Thankfully my parents don’t dress up like Men In Black as seen in the stick figures of the card and neither do we have a perennial jaundice yellow faces! (I remember we used yellow coz white seemed boring!).
3. The writing on the card and the stick figures and their features were done by Yours truly,QB and the flowers,the design and overall card preparation was done by sis.
4. Have you ever gifted a handmade greeting card? Do you like ours?
5. For all those in doubt,we gifted mom with a beautiful saree on her birthday but she felt the greeting card was more precious than the saree!

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