Gossip unlimited

During summer holidays we would end up chatting and giggling well into midnight..

One such night when we were in a mood to gossip.this is what happened..


Me and sis gossiping well into midnight..! Words never fail us..


Dad and mom had little sleep…thanks to our chit chat well into night!


1. The giggling and chatting can be heard even in the adjacent rooms. No wonder my parents had little sleep..!

2. Do you like to gossip endlessly? We seemed to remember stuff only when we hit the sack and were ready to sleep. Good old days.!

8 thoughts on “Gossip unlimited

  1. aww… now i remember my hostel days. we used to chat endlessly… once the security guard came and knocked the door. i quickly gave an idea that let all act like sleeping. I went and opened the door squinting my eyes, as if I got disturbed by knock 😛 nevertheless, he complained to the warden. how we tackled the warden was a different story 😛

    1. Lol! Sounds like fun. You people must have enjoyed in hostel. Hehe..acting to fool the security guard! 😉
      I have never been in a hostel,so there, I have no such experiences..

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