I already posted a book review here and now it is the time for a cartoon directly from the anvil.

So here it goes.

Ever wondered how the expressions vary at different stages while watching a movie? I had the chance to observe my expressions and here i have a brief cartoon.

I watched Linga – the Rajnikanth, Anushka, Sonakshi Sinha starrer movie and I have a cartoon regarding the same.

Different expressions- different scenes - Linga

Different expressions- different scenes

Do the expressions reveal anything? - Linga

Do the expressions reveal anything?

Though I don’t mind or hate Anushka Shetty, seeing Rajnikanth and Anushka together seemed awkward!

Sonakshi Sinha with a big bindi suited the role of a lady of by-gone ages.

But what made me caustic was that , Rajni turns out to be a King (mid-way into the movie), who works under British Government just because his father thought he can serve better like an engineer working under Government!

Then came the scene where Rajni manages to trap the villain out of the blue!(How did he know? *scratching my head*)

Stunts in the climax made me open my mouth wide in wonder! Imagine Rajni doing all the fights!( Except that some body – double did it for him!)

After all this , even though the story was beaten to death and repeated till audience could predict even the dialogues in the next scene , people wonder why it is a flop! (‘Rich’ Rajni leaving nothing to ‘poor’ Rajni…or ‘Rich’ hero leaving his riches for the people of his village ..blah blah!)


1. Post turned out to be a review! Till another post, cheerio!



14 thoughts on “Expressions

    1. I am smiling only in one toon, that too only when I saw Sonakshi in a saree and big bindi because that suited her most..that the lehengas in the song! It is a regular rajni movie, nothing extra ordinary but i think Robot has spoiled the fans by setting a high standard. The same movie Linga would have fared well if made before Robot. That’s my honest opinion.

      1. Yup. I have seen all. Almost all have older rajnikanth who is either fooled by his own kith and kin etc.
        But after Robot, i think the reason Linga failed is because people were expecting something more.
        Lets just say that is the reason for the failure of ‘I’

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