Chicken pox

Time for another QB cartoon of the week.

This had happened when i was in my school. I was hardly an 8 year old kid. I had to take a sick leave as i was down with chicken pox.

chicken pox - science class

Scene in my science class

Just as the science teacher entered the class and called me to her. I was ecstatic that i was missed!

Then what she did,punctured my inflated ego!

chicken pox - ego control

Inflated ego – punctured easily

So that was that!

I tried my best to ignore all the stares that followed.


1. The dots on the cute cartoon are the chicken pox spots that remained after i was down due to a bout of illness.

4 thoughts on “Chicken pox

  1. If a teacher called me to come to the front of the class, I’d be nervous! Generally, that’d be done for asking a question from what was taught, incomplete assignments, or bad marks in tests. I followed one simple technique to escape the attention of teachers in class: I sat in the corner front bench, right until the end of college! 😛

    Destination Infinity

    1. I have always loved getting attention 😛 . So not going to the stage in the classroom seemed bad. I was a first bench student in school. woo.. i got an idea for a new post.

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