Chennai Express!

Even in my wildest dreams I never imagined I would be reviewing Chennai Express, but here it goes!(This review is to pacify some of my friends:if you didn’t watch the movie, don’t fret, you lose nothing!)
Shah Rukh – Deepika starrer Chennai Express is a no brainer!
Read ahead for the review..
It all starts with a Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge kind of sequence…where the heroine is running to catch the train and the hero ,shahrukh stretches his helping hand for her..!(Remember the same scene was also there in Jab we met!) Come to think of it, even many south movies have repeated the scene to death!(Even in Maryada Ramanna the scene is repeated, where, hero slips and falls off the train trying to help the heroine! Lol)
We get to see whole lot of extravagance, in the name of a South – Don(the heroine’s father played by Satyaraj)Never heard a Don going with whole lot of goons to the railway station to bring home his run-away daughter!(I always thought Dons loved their privacy!)
The story proceeds, and southies get to see scenes from some Tamil movies repeated here…for the sake of the northies…who have never seen such scenes before,i would like to give an example..! Like say, the scene where Shah Rukh throws a crumpled paper with a message for Deepika and it is seen by a half-a – dozen others..!(Similar to a scene from ‘Muthu’, by Thalaiva Rajnikanth, where, the crumpled paper containing a message is seen by almost all the characters in the movie…)
The movie gets ‘oh-so-boring’ in between with some unnecessary scenes and we get to see Shah Rukh trying out some words in Tamil!(I didn’t like Deepika’s accent!)
The movie is ,as I said, a no – brainer..!Nothing much to write about the plot ,except that hero happens to travel with heroine…tries to save her…ends up in her village, runs around, finally…climax – a fight with the villain ,who is the fiancé of Deepika!(Blah blah blah…!Put six songs in between and lo…that’s the movie for you!)
People can directly decide it’s a Rohit Shetty movie.(Usual blasting of cars…cars jumping in air..fight scenes with dozens of vehicles and some silly comedy!)
I particularly loved the scene in which Deepika…starts talking in her sleep!!(I was wondering how she enacted the scene without laughing..must have had many re-takes!)
Overall, the movie is for out and out Shah Rukh and Rohit Shetty fans..!( I loved Bol Bachchan,Golmal series better )
1. After watching this movie…I was wondering if it’s a movie made with a Bolly hero in Kollywood or a Bollywood movie made with a Kollywood story..!
2. Since I am a southie…I found nothing new in this…out and out southie movie.
3. The locations (or was that a set..!!) were fabulous,Kerala and Goa . I ,particularly love the place where the hero and heroine run away to and hide !Such a sweet little village.
4. Thangabali from Chennai Express reminded me of Dev Gill from Bhaag Mikha Bhaag and Magadheera!(I am sorry Mr.Thangabali.!)
5. The only things people will miss, if they don’t watch the movie is, a few good locations and sets, colourful sarees and half-sarees worn by Deepika, the lungi-dance(and nothing else!)
6. Watch the movie, if you have loads of pop corn and don’t know what to do!(The movie is time-pass kind, you will end up eating a bucket full of pop corn! Harmful for people on diet..!)

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