Day 3 – And the Animal Kingdom

If you read my last two posts, you will know they have been about our visit to Atlanta.

This one is the third and the last one of the Atlanta series.

We started our third day in Atlanta, by being lazy! With two days of walking, standing in queues have finally caught up with us ,on day 3 , we got ready at a sluggish pace.

Mr.Bee searched the web for places worth visiting in Atlanta(ditching the city pass suggested ones) and we found out that there was a Hindu temple in the city within a 18-minute drive from the hotel.

We didn’t visit all the places in the city pass, we left out a couple of spots. (Next time better luck)

We reached the temple and there was hardly any crowd outside the temple(hardly 10 vehicles in the parking lot.)

As we climbed the steps, removed our footwear and went in , we found there were two divisions in the temple. One had Vaishnava Gods and the other had Shaiva Gods. Inside the Venkateswara Swamy temple, we saw many Indians offering prayers. That was when I understood that , we came to the temple from the back entrance! 😛

After our Darshan, we went to the temple canteen and had a good breakfast. I ordered lemon rice and Mr.Bee ordered Pongal. (We generally order different stuff and share 😉 ) The stuff in the canteen is made by the volunteers and some of them were Mexicans and locals.

After the satisfactory brunch, we reached the Zoo Atlanta. (Zoo had three entrances and we got in again from the back entrance. Looks like we are becoming more adept at using the back entrances than the main ones!)

We showed the city pass at the entrance and we got free tickets for a joy ride as well.


As soon as we set foot in, we saw Flamingoes and that did it! I was floored.

We saw, soft toyish – pandas, majestic lions, energetic elephants , clever gorillas and chirpy birds,what not.

Two pandas - Zoo Atlanta

Seeing two pandas together reminded me ,then and there that Kungfu panda 3 would release on Jan29th and we had to watch it! 😛

Then we found an enclosure. We went in and saw many love birds perched on a single branch chirping at the top of their voices!

Love BIrds

The love birds were plenty in number but I used the close-up shot of two of them. They chirped away happily while we were there.

Even wondered what a Love Birds’ egg looked like. Check out the below pic. It looks so much like an almond, which is stretched on its sides!

Love Birds' egg

Love bird and an egg!

A small video clip of the love birds..

Do you remember Timon and Pumba from the famous Disney series of Lion King? I always thought that the animals in it were now extinct, just like those in Ice Age. But imagine my surprise when I saw a wild hog , aka Pumbaa in the zoo. It piqued my interest but that was for a mere 15seconds. After that, I was on my way to the Lion enclosure. Wild hogs are messy and I saw one of them eating its own waste…


Wild hog

The muddy wild hogs are not a pretty sight..

Reaching the next enclosure, we knew why a lion is called the king of the jungle. The majesty of the lions was apparent. They lazed around on top of a rock cave(which must be artificial) and even when they were yawning lazily, people around them clapped with happiness! Even Mr.Bee enjoyed watching those lions.

Lion - the king

The kings of the ‘zoo’, sleeping on the rock after a particularly heavy meal.

After visiting almost all the animals in the zoo (some were taken away because of the cold weather), we returned to the original point where we had started our animal tour, the elephant enclosure.There we saw people laughing and smiling. We then saw all the hustle was about the elephant, which seemed to be enjoying all the attention it was getting. Check out the video!

We also saw some meerkats, which reminded me of my favourite movie ‘Life of Pi’. Check out this video.

At the end of the tour we had of Zoo Atlanta, we went to the gift shop and I bought myself a soft toy of panda. We were already exhausted and we didn’t want to use up all our energy as Mr.Bee had to drive us back home!

After watching so many animals , I felt happy and content that this trip to Atlanta had been fun.


  1. We got free ride in the zoo and that was for the toy train and the merry-go-round. The toy train had more adults than kids! We had loads of fun as we made videos on both the train and the merry – go – round.
  2. Some animals like zebra and giraffe were removed to the interiors of the zoo because of the weather.
  3. There were loads of birds and many more animals in the zoo. I figured, if I write about all of them and put at least one pic each, my post would be running long.
  4. Overall , a trip to Atlanta showed me, Dolphins which followed their trainers and danced, saw real-life Pandas , flesh eating plants in the zoo and had a wonderful dinner at Chat Patti.