The Curious Case of the Runaway dog

Dear friends, readers and what not!

Let me present to you The Curious Case of the Runaway dog!

Wait,you ask me why i named the post in the way i did? I have always been a fan of Erle Stanley Gardener and his books; hence the title is in the honour of the lawyer,who wrote novels in his law office(between cases,i.e.), creating Perry Mason, the famous lawyer .

Since I have already started talking in this direction, let me also mention that a famous doctor created the iconic character of Sherlock Holmes between his consultations, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

So people, if you catch me, an engineer, sitting at my office desk writing a short story in the lunch break, put two and two together and don’t disturb. Yours truly has her inspirations in place!

Anyway, coming back to the topic of the runaway dog let me dive straight into the topic.

One day, as I was getting ready and making myself presentable for all the poor folks at office, I heard my mom say “Chi, Shoo!”

As I already know my mom doesn’t know any foreign languages, I made a face, looking at myself in the mirror in front of me.(I was practicing the forgotten art of expressions!)

I rushed towards my mom, to know the reason for the “Chi and Shoo” (Which didn’t sound like a sneeze at all!)

Mom then took the opportunity of telling me that she had seen a dog, with a collar and chain attached, trying to enter our house, through the back door and how she shoo-ed it away! Most of you may not know, but we live in the ground floor .The dog was apparently someone’s private property!( In the meanwhile I thanked every God I could think of, as I was very eager to have a pet and suddenly this cute little dog, with a collar and chain appears! Am I such a great devotee? I scratch my head!)

I rush towards the backdoor, but seeing neither the dog nor its tail, I return to the dressing table, facing my companion, the mirror.

I forget all about the dog, while I busy myself making my hair, only to return to the dining hall in a few minutes time.

As I pack my lunch, I see a white paw on the backdoor steps and a very wet tongue hanging out and I shout…”Tinzee is here!”

This time mom shoo-es it away from the kitchen itself(where she was working),even though the doggie appears at the backdoor of the hall. I remember P.T.Usha as I run towards the backdoor, scaring the poor dog out of its wits.

From the back door,I see the dog running away for its dear doggie life!

I, then look into the verandah, through the back door, decide that I have had enough exercise to last me a week and return to the sofa.(I ran from the dining table to the back door!)

Like the famous Hercule Poirot, the detective par excellence, the brain solving innumerable mysteries of Agatha Christie, I try to use my grey cells to deduce what the dog must be thinking.

I come up with three options…

  1. Either the dog is suffering from temporary amnesia, given that it has forgotten that the other end of chain had a master, tagging along!(Poor fellow, must have taken the dog out for a walk!)
  2. Or, it must have runaway trying to find itself a new home….(or the dog preferred a jog more than a walk in the morning!)
  3. Or , it must have found out that the QueenBee, the kind soul, in all her glory was a resident of that house and wanted to be petted by her!

Since third one seemed to be the most apt answer I decide , the runaway dog must have come for me and seeing how I scared it by calling it Tinzee straight away, it must have fled!

Case closed.

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Guest appearances by – Perry Mason, Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot – Thank you gentlemen!!

Thanks for all the bouquets in advance, people.


If not a bouquet, a garland of my favourite flowers is a good option.

Stay blessed!


  1. More on Tinzee in future posts.Stay tuned and keep reading BeeAfterYou,where the buzzing is true! (and do comment,or the Bee army will get you!)
  2. The images of the three detectives is taken from the net and is not my property. the cartoons of course are mine.