The Webtoon fad!

Just when you think you don’t have enough time to read a full fledged novel, there comes a boon in disguise, the webtoons! Let’s face it, baby Bee may look and act cute, but on most days, he throws tantrums and demands attention from his mommy dearest, so reading novels is like near to impossible! 🙁

On a completely different note, let me add that, baby Bee is at his best behaviour when his daddy, Mr.Bee is around!

Coming back to the original topic of a webtoon, if you are an anime fan (or even a comics fan, for that matter) but hate to read a manga(like yours truly, QueenBee), you will love a webtoon. But you will have to select and choose a webtoon of your choice, not every webtoon will be good one, as you might have guessed.

And if you already know that you have to read a manga from right to left, luckily, in a webtoon, we can read from left to right, which is a life saviour! 😉

Surprisingly, I came to know about webtoons, through a blog I used to read, MKH. Although I stopped reading the said blog MKH, i continue to read different webtoons and have completed reading more than half a dozen of them. Now I am hooked!(Since most of them update only once a week, it will take minimum of 6 months to complete. Its like watching a small serial!)

Most days I wait for the webtoons to update and its wonderful that I can read them even in my own cell. I have the app on my iPad Mini as well, but I end up reading it in my mobile.

Some of the webtoons I read are…

Super Secret


Big Jo

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend


MIss Abbott and the Doctor

The art in some of them is so beautiful, you wonder how long the creators must have toiled to create one such episode! (and to continuously maintain that standard is even more difficult!)

Since I am an amateur artist, I find the webtoons all the more intriguing and educational. (It takes me more than 2 hours to draw my stick figure cartoons for a post! I wonder how long I would take to draw such classy drawings as those in webtoons!)

Have you ever read a manga? Tried a webtoon? If so, what is your opinion about them both?


1. All the mangas I have ever read were those of Naruto and Gakuen Alice and La Corda d’Oro. I only completed reading the latter,(because the first two had their own shows) while I avoided reading the first two mangas.

2. Mr.Bee is surprised that I spend so much time reading the webtoons. I read them at leisure during the precious moments I get when the kiddo is sleeping!

3. Some webtoons even have music playing in the background, which only adds to the overall appeal. Thumbs up to all the creators of the webtoons.

4. Some of the comics I love reading are Andy Capp, Wizard of ID, Beetle Bailey, Blondie
AND….Calvin and Hobbes.



Incidentally, I found all these comics and their merchandise at the Universal Studios, Orlando, USA.

Till the next post, cheerio..!