The bed time story?

The lone tamarind tree in old Mr.Gopal’s backyard was buzzing with activity. No human had any idea what lay there. Had Mr.Gopal been alive,things would have been different. The tree had been his favourite spot.

Away from prying eyes,there lived the squirell family.

On this particular day, the grandpa squirell had come visiting his grandkids,the junior squirells! The tree,the home to grandpa squirell was in the park across the street.

As the day ended and night sky spread its wings over the horizon..the juniors surrounded grandpa.

‘Please tell us a story grandpa’,asked one of the juniors.

‘Tell us about any daring adventures’,asked the more naughty one.

The old squirell smiled,revealing fully his buck teeth.

‘Ahem!’,he said out loud,loving all the attention he was getting.

‘Long long ago…’,he started in a drone.

– – – – –

The park across the street had once been a forest. That was my home. That was where I met your grandma.She was the most be-…

‘Grandpa! Don’t start the love story again! Please tell us something new’,demanded the naughty one.

Hmph! Ok,well…Where do I start? The forest had been my home since my childhood ,well into my youth. I had eaten the most delicious nuts there. The luscious green trees were so inviting.They were many in number and I had many friends. And …


And….I had a neighour living on the same tree. 

‘Who was he?’,asked the meek one.

The Bulbul,with a yellow brow, who looked like a prince with a golden crown! He could picture the Bulbul in his minds’ eye again,after all these years. His voice softened while reminiscing the good old days..

‘You never told us about him before! Where is he now?’,spoke the silent one at last.

Alas, I know not! We got separated in the great forest fire.

‘The great forest fire?’,asked the juniors in unison.

Yes, the fire that killed many animals and destroyed many homes..It is a very long story kids.Time to sleep, murmured the grandpa squirell,abruptly.

The lively night suddenly grew eerily silent.


1. This post is written as part of Project 52 challenge.

The prompt being: In 500 words or less, create the first scene of a story, novel, or creative non-fiction essay. Let fire play a significant part in that opening, and show its effect on the characters.

Your scene will be an opening; make sure it will leave readers anxious to know what happens next in your creation.

2. People can read more about Project 52 ,here.