A Beginner – Potter’s Wheel

Well,its been a while since my first batch of pottery has come out.

I am brimming with excitement to show them to my readers.

Not that they are very huge or dramatic. Its just fun to show off my stuff, for which I have spent many an hours bending over the wheel, trying to mould them out of dull clay and if possible, bring some colour in their muddy lives by glazing them!

Now that I have improved a little, I have begun to enjoy pottery even more.

Todays post is exclusively focused on showing off my modest stuff.

Check them out.

Firstly, all the first batch of pottery I made, have found a place in my showcase. (Because I don’t mind showing off my pottery even if it was in a beginner’s stage and even if they are ,well apparently ‘beginner material‘!) Looking at them people will surely notice they are the work of a beginner. My instructor Cheryl was such a help.


My first batch of pottery

My first batch of pottery in the bottom shelf.

I know people can’t help but notice the minion and PS4 console in the top shelf. 😛 (Guess who likes the minions the most)


Different shapes

Different Shapes – a significant clue!

You know someone is a beginner when you see unique shapes. Beginners can’t repeat the same shape. So there, I have made 8 different shapes in my beginning days, without my own knowledge!

A leaf in the bowl

The leaf in the bowl

If you look carefully, you will see a leaf stuck at the bottom of my bowl. That was part of another bowl! When something like this happens, you learn an important lesson. There is only so much you can do,a glaze can’t always be like you had imagined it to be!

The leaf in the above case came from this very bowl. Check out the pic below.

The missing leaf

The Missing Leaf – A case to solve for the detectives out there!

From the above picture you will notice the missing leaf, also shows how I have used two different colours in the same bowl and how I have attached some leaves on the side, to give it a new look. Main thing is to try out what all you want to and see how it turns out. I expected the bowl to look different, but I am also happy with the way it is.

Another pic of the same bowl.

Two glazes together

Two glazes together

In this , we see a shinier glaze, mystic moss (the brown one) and a matt finish glaze (Tahitian). The two glazes overlap at the center, giving an interesting pattern.

If you want to try something new, try something like the one below.

The simple bowl(since the depth is very less), it can be called a plate too, has been made interesting by adding a wavy pattern on the top.

Wavy rim

Wavy rim

This wavy rim plate is not from my first batch but I wanted to show that after trying the leaves on the sides of the bowls, I tried this wavy pattern to the smaller plate. It turned out fine.

Want another example of two glazes in a bowl..

Curvy rim

Curvy rim

The above bowl, has two glazes black glaze at the bottom. Though this looks good, trying to give another glaze at the bottom is risky.

The next one shows two glazes again with a new glaze at the top to highlight the mouth of the bowl.

Highlighting the mouth

Highlighting the mouth

I have saved the best one for the last.

The Ganesha made from clay is my favourite of the lot. Making anything with clay, without using a potters wheel is called ‘hand building’. There is a separate class for learning the same, if you want to be an expert. Let me clarify, I have no experience in hand building. I am only learning pottery.

I have tried hand building with my Ganesha, a day before the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ganesha and diyas

Ganesha – hand built

In the above pic, taken during my first Diwali celebrations in Charlotte, I have used the Ganesha I made as the center piece for my decorations.

The bowl with the petals and the Ganesha are made by yours truly.

So, what do you think about my post?


  1. This post is all about flaunting the ‘beginner’ tag with pride and trying out new stuff, even if the result is a failure, you will end up learning something new.
  2. I have made some bowls, which I use in my kitchen. I have begun to use all my stuff. I have gifted a few pieces to my friends as well. All the pottery I have shown are ‘Oven -safe’.
  3. I have glazed some of the pieces from my earlier post. So you can check here,how the pieces were without the glazes on them.
  4. The next post on pottery will show more about what I have done. Wait for more.