The Elephant I made…

Hai readers,

I had been hoping to write this post long ago, but with the Shravana Maasam in full swing, I keep myself busy gathering stuff for my puja and trying not to freak out, because, I am very new to this and it scares me sometimes. (To the uninitiated, Andhraites consider the month of Shravana auspicious which is in August and women are very busy attending pujas at each-others homes.)

Since my post is not about all the pujas I am doing and all, let me jump to my main topic.

My regular readers know that, I have been taking classes to be a good potter and I have found out that it is surely turning into a new found passion.

So while I am improving and learning new stuff, (the latest that I have learnt is how to make a tea pot), I have also wanted to know more about hand building and sculptures.

Hand building is the method of making pottery with only the hands as tools , not using the potter’s wheel.

Well, I have done quite a few of them, which are material for another post , for another day.

Another most important method of using clay is making sculptures out of clay, which is called clay sculpting.

Coming to the elephant part of my post title, yes, I have made myself an elephant out of clay. (The subject of elephant is close to my heart because of my affinity to the elephant head God , Ganesh) Another reason for trying an elephant is Mr.Bee’s friend wanted a clay elephant as a gift, so I wanted to practise before making his gift!

So with this motivation I made the elephant.

Check out the pics.

Front view of my elephant

Front view of my elephant

And then…

side profile

side view of my elephant

The head and the body of the elephant is hollow, because, solid clay of that thickness tends to crack and blast in the kiln when firing. So it is better to make hollow sculptures. And once you have made hollow body parts, it is advised to poke a hole for the air to escape. You can see the hole in the pic…

Looking it from behind it..

Looking it from behind it..

The legs are solid because the thickness is less than half an inch. If the parts are more than an inch thick, it is better to hollow them out!
And finally, my elephant pic with a prop beside it..

My elephant with Eiffel tower prop

My elephant with Eiffel tower prop

I find myself putting the Eiffel Tower as a prop to almost all the pics I take, because I am in love with the miniature version of Eiffel Tower. (It is actually a ring holder, but I use it as a show piece! 😛 )

So, how do you like my elephant?


1. It took me more than four hours to make the simple small elephant sculpture. So the next time you see a clay sculpture, you now know why they are costly!

2. I am yet to fire it and glaze it , once I am done with the next process, I will post the updates. More posts on pottery will surely follow! 😉