There had always been a lingering interest in my mind about seeing the Himalayas and Mt. Everest ever since I came to know about a friends family who visited the Manasarovar.

So when I finally got the chance to watch the Everest, let alone a movie, I was super excited.


Everest (2015):

The movie starts with a sign, ‘True Story’, at the very beginning and I was sceptic. I remembered all those innumerable true stories, which failed to look like true stuff.

Anyway, I will get back to reviewing the Everest.

The movie is set in 1996. (There is also a Hindi song, from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge in the background when the teams reach Nepal).

Each year, consultancies from New Zealand, South Africa take expedition teams to Mt. Everest, to fulfill the dreams of many climbers. The teams meet at base camp where the guides train them for a month before they make the final ascent to the Everest summit.

The training involves getting them used to the mountain and safe places there. Each team consists of a Sherpa, who has better understanding of the mountains. (Sherpas are said to be genetically gifted to climb the Everest)

Just as the teams get ready for their final ascent, there is a storm in the horizon.

Will all the team reach the summit, where Tensing Norgay and Edmund Hillary have reached the Everest for the first time?

Will the team return to the base camp safely?

Is it good to stay back to help a team mate or is it best forget him and go your own way?

My take:

I always wondered what is it, that pushes the expedition team to go on a perilious ascent to Everest?

Why not sit in the safety of ones home and loved ones , instead of climbing a killer mountain?

For one, I understood that, for some, climbing is everything. Even if it means losing ones life.

For some, it is to see the world from a higher and different perspective. For another like Doug, a delivery man, it is to prove that a common person like himself can do something as big as climbing the Everest.

For each, his own.

There was this lady from Japan who had been to 6 out of 7 summits in the world and Everest is the last one she comes to conquer.

Everest is considered the toughest of all, no wonder.

One particular dialogue I loved the most in the movie. ‘No matter how much you prepare, the last word is always of the Mountain!’ (I don’t remember the dialogue verbatim, but that is the essence). The dialogue implies that, no matter how much you prepare yourself, the mountain still has surprises to throw at your face and surprise you at the last moment.

This is one such movie which leaves a mark on you even after you are out of the theater and are eating your favourite icecream. You will still remember the scenes and still wonder.

At the very end, when the titles roll, the original team who went on the expedition are revealed to the audience. That adds to the impression the movie had already created.

What more are you waiting for? Ratings? Naa, go and watch it.


  1. I had this crazy idea that, since the movie is already in 3D, if the AC in the movie halls was set to lower temperatures, one would feel like we ARE at the Everest and that would mean a 4D experience for a 3D ticket! 😉  What do you think? 😛