10 Dos and Don’ts for Effective Blogging Experience

Today,I have another guest post here,from Sindhu. Read ahead to see what she has to say about blogging experience.

Hey everybody,

I am Sindhu and I blog at www.sindhujp.com . I am really glad to write a guest post on Queen Bee’s blog. She is one of my inspirations to start my blog. When I was in a dilemma whether to start a blog or not, she came to me and told about her blog which made me start my blog and after that there was no turning back. I really admire her way of writing, her vocabulary and especially her cartoons.

I want to write about few Dos and Don’ts while blogging and here we go,


  1. It’s all about originality. Write posts from your own experience. Include your own photos.
  2. Select interesting post titles. From reader’s point of view, if a title is good, chances are more that they will continue reading the post.
  3. Add fun in your post. Fun does not mean that you should write only humorous topics. Even if you are writing about a serious topic, write in a way that will engage the readers throughout the post.
  4. First impression is the best impression. If there is a neat layout with few interesting posts, follow buttons, about me section etc, readers tend to visit your blog again.
  5. Post regularly. So you made a good first impression. A reader visits your blog 5 days after the first visit and there is no new post means, he/she may not visit your blog again.
  6. Socially active. Create Facebook page, Twitter profile, profile in other blogging platforms, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Share your blog and follow other bloggers in such platforms.
  7. Guest post and Credits. Write guest posts in other’s blogs, invite them to write in your blog and exchange links. If you use photos or ideas from other bloggers, always give credits to them.
  8. Be supportive. Visit many blogs and show support by leaving comments. If any blogger approach you for any help, do it without hesitation. Be friendly and give no space for negativity.
  9. Reply to your readers. Readers may come back to check your replies especially when they suggested something or asked for clarifications. Reply to the comments, facebook messages, tweets etc.
  10. Keep learning and improving. As we all know learning is a continuous process, learn from the new changing trends and keep improving your blog.


  1. Never write about things without experiencing it. If you are going to write about a general topic, gain deep knowledge about it before you write.
  2. Use a common language which all your target readers can understand. If you have to use other language for few phrases, translate it and mention it inside braces.
  3. Never write long posts. If your content is more, split it in to parts and it will make the readers to comeback and read the next part.
  4. Keep the layout simple. Avoid too many advertisements, pop up windows, sliders etc.
  5. Don’t post too often. Readers can get overwhelmed if you post too often. They tend to skip few posts. Give at least a day gap between your posts.
  6. Never copy content and photos from other’s blog. If you find something interesting, ask permission from the owner and use it.
  7. Never force people to like your page or follow you on twitter. Send a polite request and if there is no response, leave it like that.
  8. Don’t comment in other’s blog just for the sake of doing it. Read the content and reply accordingly. Don’t leave links of your blog unless there is a provision provided for it
  9. Don’t be rude to your readers and fellow bloggers. If someone says something negative, explain them and request them not to pass negativity.
  10. Never take your blog for granted. Your blog is your baby. You have spent so much time to create it, write on it and showed it proudly to others. If you feel your blog is not performing as you expected, try to improve few things instead of quitting.

Hope this post was useful. I am doing a separate series in my blog where I wrote few tips and tricks about blogging. Please read Manogna’s post on that series here and if you have any doubts regarding blogging, please feel free to contact me.

QB’s notes:

Thank you Sindhu for sharing your experience with us. You have shared valuable pointers with BeeAfterYou readers.Happy blogging!!