Doodle time

Whenever I get free time I just love to doodle.

Today, when I found myself with free time on hands, I decided to let the pencil speak for itself.

So what do I have  here?

I love to draw roses , Ganeshas and geometric shapes as a part of innumerable doodles.

Check out the doodle I made today. (and coloured it too.. 😀 ) It has been so long since I put up something in the ‘Arti’sting’ section. So here it goes.

Rose doodle

Doodling – Rose

This i am posting here to show that a rose can be drawn with simple lines.

I have used pink and green pencils to colour it for a shading effect.

Since sketching with colour pencils is a bit difficult, I am starting slow with easy steps.

So what do you say about this one?

I have another sketch ready to be posted here. Need to give it a finishing touch before it is ready for posting in the blog.

And now to P.S…


I did this in 10minutes and I love to draw with minimum usage of strokes, so that is a simple rose for you , readers. If you are new to drawing or doodling, try doing it with minimum lines as in the above pic. Till the next post…cheerio.