The alphabet for today is : Z

What else to write with a Z when we have ZERO in the background.The Indian scholar Aryabhata is to be thanked by one and all for inventing the Zero and putting India in the forefront.(Aryabhata was the Indian Mathematician,who was also an Astronomer.To honour his work, the first Indian satellite was named after him.)

But the wonder of wonders is the Zero has no value alone but once it succeeds another number its value increases.Zero in Units place is worthless.( Zero seems to be a ‘social’ number..! Its value increases when in the company of other numbers)


1. We seem to use hero and zero as opposites.

2. The software engineers have to thank Aryabhata,because half of the Binary language is Indian.( Since binary language consists of only 1 and 0, it is half-Indian! And Phuleezzzzz…i hope half -Indian is taken in right sense.)

3. The A-Z challenge has come to an end today. I have other posts lined up. It feels good to say that ,yes,I completed my challenge. Phewwww…! *flexing my finger muscles!* Haha